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Yoga is an ancient form of art. Even though people often think Yoga is all about practicing some specific positions, it has much more. A healthy body is something everyone craves to have. Moreover, one more crucial thing is a healthy mind. Whether you have to rush all day for work or someone who has to stay at home and do the house chores, it is not the same as working out. Working out every day does a lot to our body and brain. Especially since the global pandemic started, people realized how badly they lack at having good health.

Furthermore, good health means being physically fit and having a healthy and active mind. According to various surveys regarding Yoga, it makes your body flexible, reduces pain, tone muscles, increase blood flow, etc. Moreover, in recent years it came to notice that practicing Yoga can help to cure severe diseases. For some people, Yoga seems to be one of the many forms of exercise, but it is much more than that. During this challenging time when being healthy is necessary, it will help if you start practicing soon. Many people hesitate to join yoga classes when they hear they will be online. If you also don’t understand how online yoga sessions work, this article will help you get assurance.

Advantages of online yoga classes for curing health issues

When it comes to physical activity, every 8 out of 10 people prefer offline sessions. Some people find it hard to trust anything that comes through the screen. However, at this point, the world relies on screen. There are plenty of benefits you can achieve through online yoga sessions. Here are some examples

  • You will be able to learn Yoga from global yoga instructors. You can also ensure whether they have an Online 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training or not.
  • Don’t need to go out during such a complex situation; you can practice yoga wherever and whenever you want.
  • Flexible timing will help you complete your work, enjoy your free time, and still practice the yoga poses.
  • You can explore your inner self and disconnect from the outside world for a while.
  • It helps to reduce body pain, bring flexibility and maintain blood flow.

For residentials advance yoga training, you can join the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

Diseases that Yoga can help to cure

  • Mental health issues

Mental health issues have been one of the most common things people face these days. It’s hard to find someone who is not going through a difficult time mentally. Especially this global pandemic showed a clear rising graph of mental health issues. Anyone can face mental health issues, whether it’s a kid, teenage, adult, or elderly person. It can come from various things. Depression, stress, anxiety can kill a person from inside. People suffering from severe depression often have a low brain level of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter.

Several studies came to prove that Practicing Yoga boosts the GABA level. Many patients who suffer from depression tried practicing yoga every day for an hour during their treatment. It came out that the GABA boost was about 27% in those patients. Daily yoga practice helps with the mood and reduces depression, stress, and anxiety.

  • Treating breast cancer

The rising graph of breast cancer in women these days is scary. However, scientists from Duke University researched the curable options for breast cancer and concluded that practicing Yoga can help with metastatic breast cancer. A woman who took weekly yoga sessions for eight weeks had less pain and felt better. Whether you are on treatment for breast cancer or over it, practicing Yoga regularly will help you reduce the pain and stress. You will feel more relaxed.

  • Mensurational problems

Problems regarding periods are becoming a common thing these days. Every 5 out of 10 women suffer from pcod, PCOS, and other Mensurational problems. It is hard to find a woman who has to survive through a painful period of cramps. Not only abdominal pain, but some women also feel pain in their entire body. Sometimes they get early, delayed, and sometimes don’t get their periods for months. The drastic changes in mood, hormonal rush, pain, everything leads to immense stress.

Whether you are under treatment or not, practicing Yoga regularly can help you bear with the situation. Several studies from various universities conclude that practicing some yoga postures every day can help with Mensuration. It helps to get painless or less painful periods and helps with balancing the hormones that affect mood. Daily yoga practice will also help you get your periods on time.

  • Immunity boosting and breathing

If you want to stay fit during this global pandemic, you have to boost your immunity power. No matter how healthy you eat or how many safety precautions you take, if you lack immunity, you will lose it to covid-19. Renowned yoga instructors came up with some helpful and straightforward yoga poses that you should practice every day to keep your immune system healthy. Practicing breathing exercises will also help with the oxygen level in your body and mind. Since you will do online yoga classes you will be safe from the covid spread.


If you want to start your career as an online yoga instructor, you can gather more knowledge and professional training. You don’t need to wait months for verification as you can get your professional certificate from a 200 hour online yoga teacher training course.

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