University Admission Management System(UAM) is an IT system that helps the students to register into any accredited University. The main goal of this research work is to design a web-based application for University Admission Management System(UAMS) so that can computerize a section of University Admission procedure to make the whole admission procedure very user-friendly, efficient and less cumbersome. This system is used by almost all the colleges in United States of America. University Admission Management System(UAM) is an online system designed by the Central Computer Information Systems (CCIS) and Microsoft.

University Admission Management system(UAM) provides complete assistance to facilitate registration, transcriptions, admissions and related university related functions. It is mainly designed for use by University Admission Department and their representatives. This system helps in collecting required documents for selection of desired courses or diploma programs. It also enables the students to choose a suitable course which helps them in enhancing their knowledge and skills. The most important feature of this online admission management system is it automatically collects and furnishes vital information to the university about an individual student like race, nationality, academic record, designation, branch of study and other necessary details.

The main advantage of this online admission system is that applicants need not wait for a school to accept their application before they know for their result. They can collect their results instantly after submission of the form. Nowadays, this online student admission process helps to save both time and money of applicants. It saves time of visiting each college and downloading necessary documents. The system enables all the applicants to register in one place.

For online selection of courses, applicants need to register with this system. They need to provide personal as well as professional information. They should keep personal information like name, address, contact details and telephone numbers. For professionals such as doctor, lawyer, banker etc, there are special need information. To provide complete records to the university, applicants need to create a profile. For creating a profile, they can provide shortlisted list of their academic qualifications.

Before using the university admission management system, it is necessary to create a shortlist of courses offered by the university. The shortlisted courses help in selecting appropriate courses for students. This shortlist is also helpful in collecting necessary documents. Applicants should visit the website of the selected department to register with online application. The registration process is simple and easy.

In the past, the online admissions management systems offered by educational institutions used to take around two weeks to complete. Nowadays, it takes just few days. This is because there are many universities which are offering the same course. In fact, there are many colleges which offer the same course. There are some educational institutions which offer online courses for free or at very less cost.

Through the university website, the successful candidates can collect all the necessary documents within short span of time. Different documents are required for different courses. Successful candidates can verify the academic results, achievements and other eligibility criteria from the website itself. The success of successful candidates on the online education platform largely depends on the number of documents submitted.

Different departments offer different set of information system. However, the most important factor is getting hold of certification. It is important to enroll only with certified copies. Some departments offer complete online classes along with certification. Students can collect the necessary certification after successful enrollment. University admission process is now made easier by online certification.

Universities which offer the online admission system can be divided into two main sections public and private institutions. Both these systems have their own set of rules and regulations. It is important to conduct a detailed research about both the options. Many websites provide useful information about the admission processes of both the options. Nowadays, more students prefer to enroll in reputed and certified universities and colleges.

Most of the online institutions use the Electronic Portals System (EPS) for admission process. Students have to fill up the online application forms after going through the shortlisted list. On successful completion of the online admissions process, the selected students will receive a confirmation about their admission fees.

Today, there are number of companies which are providing quality computerized system for online admissions. In this system, students can collect all the necessary document along with the admission fee on the same day. The user friendly interface helps the students to navigate through the various types of documents easily. They can collect all the necessary papers along with the fees from the comfort of their homes. This convenient way of collecting the admission receipt ensures that the user does not waste time in collecting multiple paper and money while attending the educational institute.

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