Tips to Hiring Tax Season Employees for the IRS Deadline

 Tips to Hiring Tax Season Employees for the IRS Deadline

The IRS deadline for employers to send out W2s has been set for the upcoming 2020, 2021 tax season. Employers of all sizes must comply with this to avoid being fined or having their employee’s refunds delayed. The company you work for might not be aware when do w2s come out and when they’re due by, so we’ve put together a list of some important deadlines that will help you stay on top of your obligations as an employer:

The employer obligation is that W2s must arrive in the mail or be accessible online no later than January 31. The IRS also has a one-year deadline for 1099-MISC Forms, which are used to report non-employee compensation payments. There are also new rules in place if you request an extension. A single 30-day extension is available for the W-2 Form only. The IRS encourages you to submit all applications for extension by January 31st. The agency is emphasizing the need for this information.

The purpose of the IRS Filing Reminders is to allow the agency more time to examine each return. The forms will be sent out sooner, allowing for better fraud prevention. Tax refunds should also be paid out at a quicker pace, although only time will tell how much faster.

Check with your former employer to see whether you’re when do w2s come out. An easy email or phone call might assist you in resolving the problem of an incorrect delivery address and determining if it was delivered to you at all.

When you’re ready to get your card, look into whether they’ll mail it to you. If so, make sure you provide them with your employer’s contact information and don’t forget about any documents they might need from your job application that isn’t stated on the form itself! National Tax Reports can help with everything from designing a logo to streamlining sales processes for your company.



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