Make no mistake: rely on a professional

As we have seen, the choice of window glass when buying new windows is fundamental, glass partition Dubai, but it is not as simple as it seems.

In fact, different types of windows are commercially available  (double, triple, selective glass …) that you can decide to combine within your home:

  • You could choose anti-burglary glass for the rooms on the ground floor  or for the windows overlooking the balcony;
  • Anti-noise glass for the bedrooms or for the windows overlooking a busy street;
  • Or even for the rooms most exposed to the sun, you could choose glasses with a low solar factor.

These are just some of the possible examples and customizations you can do. This is why it is always good to be guided by an expert consultant, able to correctly analyze the situation, and able to advise you on the best solution from different points of view.

So, before buying new fixtures, make sure that this prescription is respected. Remember: health comes first.


In old buildings, glass, together with the window, is the weak element of thermal insulation as it is there that the greatest dispersion of heat with the outside takes place.

It is estimated that on average home loses 20 to 30 percent of its energy through windows.

Add to this the increasing attention paid to environmental issues. Following the signing of the Kyoto protocol, shower glass in Dubai, new regulations have been introduced that impose minimum requirements for energy efficiency.

In Italy, the construction sector is responsible for 40% of total greenhouse gas emissions (more than transport, at 32%, and industry, at 28%). And heating and air conditioning account for 70% of a building’s energy consumption and its CO 2 emissions.

For this reason, the demand for insulating glass has increased significantly today.

The use of insulating glass, in fact, allows to obtain often unknown or underestimated benefits for the environment. Not to mention that all this not only affects the environment but also positively affects the bill.

Insulating glass with low-emissivity and solar control glass, allow to contain the heat inside the building in winter, reducing its external dispersion; in the summer, solar control windows limit electricity consumption for air conditioning.

In this way, a reduction of CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere is obtained and therefore a decrease in the greenhouse effect and global warming with all the dangerous implications. And the costs of your energy bill are reduced.

Thermal insulation of glass

We have three ways of propagation through which glass exchanges heat with the external environment:

  • by conduction: the transfer occurs through a body, or through two bodies in contact with each other, without transfer of matter.
  • by convection: The transfer occurs through a solid body and a fluid, liquid, glass replacement in Dubai, or gaseous, and is accompanied by a transfer of matter.
  • by radiation: The transfer of radiation occurs through electromagnetic waves between two bodies at different temperatures.

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