There are a variety of fireplace shapes and sizes. Additionally, there are a variety of fireplace styles including wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, stone fireplaces, and traditional fireplaces.

Most Common Types of Fireplaces

The purpose of this article is to give a brief overview of the types of fireplaces available. Let’s discuss these fireplaces one by one.

Traditional Fireplaces

The most common fireplace type is the “wall-mounted” type found in living rooms, dens, and even bedrooms. Depending on its purpose, the structure may contain brick, cement, stone, ceramic, or some combination of these materials. Most often, a metal or glass screen is used to cover the opening.

In most cases, outside mantels are surrounded by this kind of fireplace, which can be constructed of wood, metal, brick, stone, or some other material. It is possible to design fireplaces mantel in several different styles, from the simple to the luxurious to the fanciful. Since they are important, they frequently establish the décor for the entire room. The majority of them use wood for fuel, but some also use peat, coal, and other materials. These fireplaces aren’t as energy efficient as others.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are an outstanding options to wood burning fireplaces. They offer the warmth and comfort of a fire without splitting, hauling, or stacking wood. They are low-maintenance appliances that’s why a lot of people buy them. Gas fireplaces are growing popular significantly each year. The popularity of gas fireplaces is growing substantially every year. The high demand for gas fireplaces has produced a spike in production.

Wood Fireplaces

There used to be a time when the most suitable material for the fireplace and the mantel was marble, stone, or simple bricks and mortar. Nowadays, many houses substituted it with wood, or have a significant amount of wood fitted in and around it. Wood fireplaces can enhance beauty and warmth to a home on top of being energy efficient. Wood fireplaces are now available in a wide assortment of designs from modern to rural and everything in between. The newest designs include multi-view wood fireplaces, wood fireplaces with unique surrounds and mantels and see-through wood fireplaces.

Cast Iron Fireplaces

Those who have homes with very little room for a fireplace will like the cast iron fireplaces. This type can be put up in a home using just a cement slab, the size of the fireplace and a fire proof stone wall at the back. It will require venting into a chimney, or outside, according to your municipal codes. Cast iron fireplaces and stoves are perfect for small areas. Cast iron fireplaces create a smokeless fuel fire so they are appropriate for interiors.

Stone Fireplaces

Among the traditional types, this fireplace has a classic look. The size of a stone fireplace can vary greatly, depending on the number of stones it has reaching up the chimney to the ceiling.

What is the Most Common Types of Fireplaces

It can also look fragile with a stone surround carved in white. There is no right or wrong design for the stone fireplace. In addition, the stone fireplace can add a natural texture and color to your room. Many older and newer homes have stone fireplaces.

Based on the firebox size, the size of the fireplace will need to be determined. The firebox is the area inside which the flames are contained. In older stone fireplaces, there were no doors, only screens.

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