7 Most Ecstatic Modern Bathroom Cabinet Designs in 2021- NKBC Cabinets

A unique and trendy bathroom cabinet not only makes your bathroom elegant but very functional. So, if you’re looking to enhance your bathroom look. Hold in your hands the NKBC Cabinets. Moreover, there are many sizes, materials, shapes, and colors that best suit your bathrooms. This article will help you big time in defining the real trendy bathroom cabinet’s designs. So, let’s go down;


List Of Content:

  1. Sleek Bathroom Cabinets

  2. PVC Cabinets

  3. Mirror Cabinets Doors

  4. Corner Bathroom Cabinets

  5. Luxury Bathroom Cabinets

  6. Vintage Bathroom Cabinets

  7. Teakwood Cabinets

  8. Buying NKBC Cabinets

  9. Conclusion

Sleek Bathroom Cabinets:

Bathrooms Cabinets should not be giant and messy. So, even if you need much storage yet look for sleek and chic bathroom vanities. So, it will give a very modern and unique touch. With high functionality as well. There must be enough drawers to keep your things. Moreover, sleek cabinets look very smart and are of great use. There are many drawers, cover less space, are easy to install, and are easy to handle. , always prefer sleek and chic cabinets over old ugly ones.

PVC Cabinets:

PVC material is itself of great use in the home interior. Thus, it is recommended. The key features of PVC Cabinets are its easy care guide. And also are the best option for low budgets. Moreover, the combo of lighter and retro tones. Makes the simplest and smallest space into a graceful and imperial look. Hence, you can add contrast sinks, countertops, and trendy faucets. Just added value to its look. The added drawers and cabinets help in improving the storage.

Mirror Cabinets Doors:

Mirror cabinet doors are of great use. Usually, the mirror is fixed as doors hang above the counter. You can place all your useful and extra items behind these doors. So, the major plus is the items are not visible. Moreover, you can also add open shelves within this frame. This also enhances storage and outlook. Yet, you can also choose any material, and mirror quality. But I always prefer wooden material. So, wooden material gives a very chic touch and high durability.

Corner Bathroom Cabinets:

You must use every corner of your bathrooms to enhance space. So, to make the best use of corner place corner bathroom cabinets over there. It is simple yet unique. Moreover, you can make it trendier by increasing drawers, color, and the style of handles. You can also make monotone and contrast combos. So, the corner cabinet is one smart move. It looks so graceful and unique. This is also a cost-effective option.

Luxury Bathroom Cabinets:

As Luxury Item demand is not for living or bedrooms but it can be use in bathroom spaces. So, luxury bathroom cabinets add more class and elegance to the look. There are a variety of luxurious cabinet designs, materials, sizes, and colors. Moreover, you can enhance the look by selecting. Vibrant tones of cabinets with subtle tones of walls and floorings. This will give a chic and sturdy look. So, you can also add some extra lighting to enhance the beauty and it gives a clear and glassy finish.

Vintage Bathroom Cabinets:

If you’re on a hunt for an old, classic bathrooms cabinet design. So, then you should prefer vintage style simple yet classy cabinets. It gives a unique and classy finish to your bathroom. Moreover, it will also increase the storage to keep your essentials in it. They are also durable because of wood material. So, they can bear a harsh bathroom environment. The sleek and intricate wooden patterns and finishes add more value to it. Now the classy metallic faucet gives a royal look to your bathroom.

Teakwood Bathroom Cabinets:

Teak wood is usually known for its unique yellow color. So, they go well with wooden color tiles. They are of great value for bathroom cabinets. Moreover, they are durable and will last long. Teakwood cabinets can bear harsh bathroom temperature conditions. Yet, you can add a trendy sink or washbasin with a modern faucet to compliment the cabinets. This will give a very chic and stylish look to your bathroom.

Buying NKBC Cabinets:

Choosing bathroom cabinets can be costly and hectic work. So, if you’re into affordable options for bathroom cabinets with trendy designs. Then go to the Kitchen Design Gallery selling NKBC Cabinets. Moreover, it’s the topmost choice of buyers around the USA. Look for more trendy and sturdy options to choose your bathroom cabinets. And give your bathroom a modern finish.


Usually, the inspiration for styling ideas to décor your bathrooms can be from anyone. So, with many choices, it’s hard to decide on one specific cabinet for your bathroom. This guide is all you need to read. Thus, it will give you detailed info about the top trendy bathroom cabinet designs. Like NKBC cabinets to style in your bathroom.


You can choose any kind from the above-mentioned details. Like, vintage, corner, luxury, mirror, and sleek cabinets. And PVC material and other materials for Bathroom Cabinets are available. Moreover, they will give your bathroom a fine grace and imperial look. The major plus is, all these bathroom cabinets are cost-effective and durable as well. So, go buy and style them in your bathroom to make it look so elegant.

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