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One of the greatest tools used by business organizations and brands these days for building better and stronger relations with customers or target audiences. According to latest statistics provided by Smart Insights on video marketing, there are more than 80 percent of marketers worldwide who prefer using animated videos for marketing purposes and have the opinion that animated videos are growing more significant with each passing day.

According to many other reports and observations made on consumer behavior it has been made clear that people love watching animated content and it is easier to engage a person via animated videos rather than texts or images. According to other reports it has been noticed that human beings are more likely to understand and process information much faster when delivered through an animated video as compared to an image or text.

Another reason among many other reasons why business organizations and brands all over the world are keen to use animated videos for marketing is the fact that animated videos are one of the most fastest and influential ways of grabbing the target audience’s attention in times like today where the attention span of an average consumer is less than 5 secs.

Most business organizations and brands are observed to hire professional video animation services to create engaging and interactive animated content that helps create brand awareness and is a very persuasive way to attract target audiences to take preferred action.

5 Reasons For Choosing Animated Videos For Marketing

Easy to remember

Advertising is one of the oldest techniques used by marketers to make their brands memorable but in these times, where we see hundreds of adverts on an everyday basis, it is very difficult for a brand to make a memorable and lasting impression on their audience. For achieving this businesses now need to use innovative strategies and ways to come up with adverts that will help their target audience remember them for a longer period of time. Not only animated content is easier for your target audience to remember but also it will help your brand to be unique and stand out from your competition making it easier for your target audience to recognize and recall your brand much more easily.


Have you ever noticed that most movies targeted for children are mostly animated movies? Why do you think animations are mostly targeted towards children? Well, it is simple because children usually like things that are fun to watch and are more entertaining. Using animations for marketing your brands and products is probably one of the most fun and entertaining ways marketers can use to engage their audiences. People are more likely to watch videos that entertain them and this helps in increasing the reach for marketers. The more people watch their animated videos the more people are likely to get influenced and eventually the more sales the organization will end up with.

Easier to Understand

Video marketing became popular because it was one of the most engaging tools of reaching out to target audiences. If you talk about animated videos they come with a bonus aspect of communication. It is much easier to understand an animated video rather than understanding other content such as texts and images. Animated videos are deemed to be one of the most influential ways to communicate with your target audiences because of their ability to get the message across. Animations are such a good way of making things easier to understand that they are now even being used to convey and explain complex ideas and theories in the educational sector.

You can increase your SEO rankings

Animated videos are one of the leading tools that web pages are using to increase their dwell time. By placing animated videos on a web page you can attract your website visitors to spend more time on your web pages. And visitors spending more time on your web pages means your web page has a higher chance of ranking higher in the search engine results. When your website ranks higher on a search engine like Google, it provides your business with more visibility to attract more traffic and more business.

Call to take action

Animated videos are a proven way to persuade target audiences to take action. These videos are used by marketers to increase sales figures and generate more revenues.

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