Fun Time Begins

Texas’ heart, or yes, the capital, is Austin. Here, you will find locals & tourists exploring events & happening spots to make their day memorable. The city is full of joyful vibes, which allow many things to do in Austin this weekend. From incredible food to live music concerts, you will be finishing up with unlimited cherished memories. Here I begin the exciting weekend tour!

➤Discover Austin’s Best Food Trucks

Thinking of delicious tacos? Then you are at the right guide as Austin is famous for luscious tacos. The city is covered up with top-rated restaurants serving mouth-watering snacks & meals. Austin’s food trucks are widely recognized amongst the locals, and travelers also enjoy the high-quality food in such a casual atmosphere. You can find food trucks in parks or at famous spots very easily. 

➤Explore the Cathedral of Junk

The next phenomenal place is to visit the Cathedral of Junk. It’s located in the backyard of the artist Vince Hannemann’s house. The first-time visitors will be surprised to see the 60+ tons of junk. Since 1980, it has been one of the world’s famous spots. 

➤Drink Craft Coffee

Coffee enthusiasts can’t mesmerize the trip without coffee. How uncomfy it becomes when you don’t get coffee on your regular routine? If so, then what to say about your holiday trips. When thinking about the coffee roaster, then Cuvee is an ideal choice in Austin. 

Another hit coffee shop is the Summermoon. Well, they have settled their shops in many locations around Austin, so they are convenient to find. They produce their own coffee beans and roast them over an open fire. Plus, use their magical moon milk ( their secret sweet yet creamy milk ) to prepare a delicious coffee. You can also get yourself at the “Greater Goods Coffee.”

➤Listen to Live Music

You know what Austin is also called “live music capital.” Besides events, restaurants, cafe shops, and many other places, bands are all set to play their music. Live music takes you to another world which you don’t find in the recorded ones. You can book the events in advance to attend the upcoming music concerts.  

➤Admire the View at Mount Bonnell

If you miss the Mount Bonell top view, then your trip will always be incomplete. However, it’s not as high as the mountain lovers must be thinking of. But at 775ft, you will enjoy the lake & surrounding countryside. Just make sure to breathe after a few steps to prevent tiredness and to have a memorable experience.  

➤Kayak at Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake is the favorite spot of Austin residents, and when outsiders visit the site, they just want to come again and again. It’s a reservoir on the Colorado River, and the lake is covered with tons of green space. You will see people having picnics or cycling apart from kayaking. 

➤Go-Bar Hopping Downtown

Nightlife is terrific for tourists to create hangovers. You will find amazing bars in the heart of downtown. You may not find the drivers on Saturdays, so you need to walk on the streets to search bars. However, it is going to be fun. Head over to Rainy street and find outstanding nightspots to avail of Austin’s nightlife. 




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