Metal containers are ideal for home, office, and business use. Whether you want a tin that’s designed for long-term storage, organization, retail displays, or special occasions, you can rely on the durability and versatility of our tin containers. In today’s world, tin boxes are one of the most popular packaging used thanks to the fact that they are affordable, durable, and sustainable.

At FLY Packaging, you can find a wide selection of empty tin containers for sale. All metal tins are produced in China and we are the manufacturer in China with more than 10 years, we have different molds in different shapes and sizes, we know our customers’ requirements and targets. We know the technology to design and produce the tins.

At FLY Packaging, you will be able to find hundreds of metal jars and small metal containers for sale in all shapes and sizes. All our tin containers come with rolled edges for safe usage. The empty cans that can be found in our assortment are of the highest quality. They are 100% food-safe and free of BPA. They furthermore feature a smooth and beautiful seamless finish which gives them a premium touch. If you’re looking for affordable yet high-end wrapping for your goods, our metal tin containers are a perfect choice.


What are metal tin containers used for?

Tin containers offer plenty of innovative packaging solutions. These tin cans are corrosion resistant and do not rust, so they are popular among companies and homes. Not like plastic tins, metal tins are recyclable, they are green packaging for the future. In today’s life, people cared more and more about healthy, environmental protection, and many countries have plastic bans.

Additionally, metal tins are 100% food safe and won’t affect the look, taste, or quality of their content.  Thanks to this, tin cans have grown out to become the number one choice of packaging throughout the world. This can especially be noticed in the beverage and makeup industry. Nowadays, however, their popularity is also rapidly increasing across different industries.

Nowadays, tins are much more than simple packaging. These beautifully designed tin cans can feature any form, size, and color imaginable. Because of this, they have become a way for companies to promote their brand. Think for example about those beautiful biscuit tins and butter cookies tins. Or imagine those detailed and beautifully painted holiday tins. Companies use these unique tin cans to attract customers, and it is working!

Small tin cans are often kept by consumers for decoration purposes or to store personal items. Others use them for handicrafts or other DIY crafts such as turning them into toys for their children. Some people even go as far as collecting tin cans and have turned it into their habit.

Customized Tin Containers

FLY tins also accept customized tin containers, not only in dimensions, shapes, we also customize decorative printing on the tins. In addition to custom graphics, embossment, and even perforation, we offer specialty finishes. Embossed Tins get attention. Gloss, matte, textured, and satin varnishes top off high definition graphics with added flair. Spot varnish can draw attention to selected areas of a logo or design, giving it an upscale look. Custom graphics can be used to accent single or multi-level embossing.

Metal tins offer a unique and innovative way to sell and promote your brand products. Tin packaging with vibrant graphics, reflectivity, or embossing is hard to pass by. The collectability helps to sell the product inside and provides a lasting advertisement. We offer the possibility to design your own unique tins. Throughout this process, you’ll enjoy the free help of our industry professionals. When creating your custom made metal tins, you will be able to choose from different shapes and sizes. Additionally, you can select the construction method and lid of your liking. Hereby you can, for instance, think about hinged lids, screw caps, slipcovers, or see-through lids.

We furthermore offer different printing methods to personalize your tin box. Whether you are looking for a full-print lacquered design or a simple paper etiquette, everything is possible. Share with us what you have in mind, and together we’ll co-create a unique container that perfectly suits your product.

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