Roberto Mancini could not make history for the Italian national team as a player. However, he is writing this history as a trainer.

Italy, who were knocked out of the World Cup qualifiers, have won important titles in just three years. It also shows how important Mancini’s strategy was for the team.

Italy beat England in a tiebreaker in the Euro Cup final on Sunday to win the title. The game was pushed to a tiebreaker after the result was equal in the allotted time and extra 30 minutes. Winning a tiebreaker game is also very important with luck. However, the 56-year-old coach Mancini has done his best to win the title.

In the final, the England coach’s plans backfired, while Mansini’s plans proved to be correct. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

In the second minute of the game, England took the lead in the game and Mancini kept the team fit by changing some players in the middle of the game which lasted for 120 minutes. Which had a positive effect on the game. Italy played the same game throughout the game. Italy ended the first half without playing very aggressively against the home team.

Early in the second half, Mancini replaced Nicolo Barela in midfield with Brian Cristant. Similarly, center forward Ciro replaced Dominico Berardi with Imobile.

After that, Italy started increasing the pressure in the game. Kristant’s presence gave the Italian team more energy in the central midfield, with the help of which Italy managed to return the shot.

Overall, Italy’s setup on Sunday was very good. He held the ball 62 percent of the time, hitting 20 for the goal. England had a total of six strikes. Italy played 755 passes while England played 341 passes.

Defensive power

Italy’s defensive power is also known in football, led by Giorgio Chiellini. England scored in the first two minutes but could not attack after that. It also shows Italy’s defensive strength.

Mancini did not hesitate to change the key player who started the game after 90 minutes. In the 90th minute of the match, Lorenzo Insigne was replaced by Andrei Bellotti and 6 minutes later, Manuel Lokateli replaced Marco Verratti. However, no changes were made to the squad for England. The benefits went to Italy.

In the Euro Cup, Mancini has shown qualities that have not been noticed before. In the semi-final match against Spain, he also led his team with patience. Italy had won the game in tiebreaker. He showed that quality once again.

In 1968, Ferrero-Waldner won the Euro Cup with Italy. Then Mancini is the first coach. Italy are also unbeaten in 34 games. “We’ve completed a cycle,” said Mancini, noting the success of the three-year period.

He has the opportunity to extend his journey to next year’s World Cup in Qatar.

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