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The most common myth about running is that it is terrible for your health. The problem of arthritis is linked with it as knee conditions might worsen. A study with samples from the runner and non-runners was conducted to check the reliability of this fable. The result was the majority of ordinary who don’t run being confused about the link between arthritis and running.

Runners had no issue with knee problems as health problems are a part of life once adulthood starts. Nevertheless, physiotherapy in West Edmonton covers problems related to running. We have created a list of reasons why running is not so bad. Read on to make your way of life healthier.

Does it have any impact on the Knees?

MRI scans have been done to prove this claim of running’s effect on knees. The knee cartilage has not been impacted by running. It was the same level after running. This means that the cartilage was able to adapt to a load of running. The human body is capable of adjusting to change.

It is resilient, but even suppleness breaks. There are a variety of physiotherapists in Edmonton who can help you out in case that happens.

The solution in case of Injury

There is no direct or indirect link between leg pain and Damage. Experiencing slight pain or discomfort is a common occurrence while running. If the pain settles within 24 hours, there is no swelling, and the person can walk normally. Then it is nothing to be worried about.

Conversely, if the pain persists, then it is a sign of Damage. It is your body telling you to modify your routine. You should contact a physiotherapy clinic in Edmonton. They will identify the areas of flexibility and strengthen them. The issue will be managed by a shockwave treatment, deep oscillation treatment, or even IMS.

You might be asked to change your footwear or running style to make your running experience smooth, contributing to accumulating your symptoms.

Is there anything like too much Damage?

The volume of cartilage increases by running; a study has proven this. Running should be done gradually to build up instead of pressurizing it all at once. This has an overall positive effect on the knee.

The common perspective about overworking your legs or knee due to running is false. There are only a handful of people who suffer from it. Physiotherapy clinics in Edmonton are well equipped with all the facilities and therapists to deal with arthritis.

Only the elite runners can do too much for their bodies. Regular people who don’t run regularly have a protective effect on knees due to lack of usage. Running is a great way to relieve stress, get running, and if anything happens, physiotherapy in West Edmonton has got you.

Not everyone would can start running due to various reasons such as childhood trauma or fear of falling down. It is advised to start jogging first and then venture into the world of running. But, physiotheraphy consulations should be taken before and after running even if there is no visible physical injury.

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