Gem Hospital and IVF Centre: Since it is the sperm only that are responsible for fertilizing the egg. But what if the sperms are not getting produced in the adequate amounts, quality and even not at all getting produced. If you have got stunned after reading this, then there is nothing to get astonished about. According to the fertility experts of the IVF centre in Punjab, “45% of the infertile couples are unable to have the baby because of the sperm issues.”

But it surely does not interpret that it is the natural procedure only that can help the couple to conceive. No, there has been an invention of so many ART (Assisted Reproductive Techniques), that are helping people to conceive.

Economical Cost

Test tube baby cost in India is comparatively low as compared to the other countries. But it is not uniform for each couple since the cause of infertility is different so the treatment package also has to be different.

In this article, we are going to throw light on the Do’s and Don’ts which will prove helpful for you if you the male partner intending to become the biological father wants to increase the sperm count:




  • Exercise or Yoga

When we keep our body physically active, then the entire reproductive system is stimulated positively.


  • Intake of nutritious food

The sperms start becoming deteriorated in quality if the individual is not taking a balanced diet.


  • Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is the kind of ayurvedic herb that is responsible for increasing sexual capabilities and sperm count.


  • Fenugreek supplements

Fenugreek supplements are good for sperm health. But these should not be intaken without consulting the doctor.


  • Adequate Sleeping

Sleeplessness is responsible for so many health-related problems. So does it, it affects the sperms as well. The ideal sleeping hours are considered to range between 6 to 8 hours.




  • Do not eat junk

The individuals who keep themselves full of junk food are the ones who lack the nutritional elements.


  • Do not let yourself get dehydrated

You must keep yourself hydrated. For that, you should drink a great amount of water daily.


  • Do not smoke or consume alcohol

The consumption of alcohol and cigarettes are accountable for decreasing the quality and the count of the sperms.


  • Soya or the processed food

You are not allowed to consume processed or soya-based food. If you do so then the health of your body will get affected.


  • Excess Weight

The individuals are supposed to be in the ideal weight. If they are either obese or are underweight, then the sperm health is sure to get affected.


  • Drugs

If alcohol and cigarettes are accountable for causing the negative impact on the body, then how can we expect the drugs to not contribute to this.


Final Comments!

If any of these measures have worked for you, then please let us know. Or if you want us to write on a specific topic, then please let us know. We shall be very happy to help you in this regard.

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