WordPress 5.8

WordPress needs no introduction; it is a known name in content management. Many developers use WordPress development services to ensure smooth and attractive website development by effectively managing the relevant content.

Over time, many new versions of WordPress were introduced for the convenience and ease of the developers. Likewise, the recent threat to the developers is the introduction of WordPress 5.8, which is absolutely amazing in all its perspectives.

Similar to the previous versions, WordPress 5.8 comes loaded with many appealing and attractive features and updates for the users, builders, and developers. The available updates are not just limited to website development, but it covers different CMS sections. This ensures to provide an overall delightful experience for the developers.

WordPress ensures to help the developers to develop and manage their business website effortlessly. Its excellent flexibility, using its themes and plugins, helps enhance the website’s outlook within no time.

Let us have a look at the latest unique features which WordPress 5.8 version holds for the developers.

What new features do the WordPress 5.8 version hold?

The available new features of WordPress 5.8 are categorized differently to have a better understanding.

1. Features for website editing

  • Template editing tools:

It helps in the effortless creating of the web page and seamless posting of templates using templates only. This saves the maximum time and energy of the developers to develop the web page from scratch. They can use template editing tools to modify the templates according to their needs and requirements.

These template editing tools are not just limited to block themes, but they can be used even to the classic templates with maximum ease.

  • Theme blocks:

The theme blocks feature brings the required information dynamically from the database. The developers can also enjoy the benefits of template tag functionalities for the classic themes. This means that the WordPress developers can use featured images’ post tags anywhere in the content.

  • Query Loop block:

Gone are the days when it was mandatory to hire a WordPress developer to create highly customized queries in WordPress development. Thanks to the introduced Query Loop block feature, the website admins can easily make the required post lists without getting into the hassles of complicated coding.

This feature can be used according to the user’s settings made on the database.

  • Persistent list view:

Before releasing WordPress 5.8 version, the list view would continuously disappear as soon as the developers focus on something else on the web page. With this new feature, this has improved.

Now, the list view is displayed on the sidebar of the post editor to allow precise and easy navigation.

2. Block editor features and improvements

  • Text and media block:

Thanks to the WordPress 5.8 version, transforming a block into a column’s block is much easier now. This feature automatically adds 2 different sections in the column – one for the text and the other for the image.

  • Reusable blocks:

This feature automatically saves a block or a complete group of blocks to be used later for WordPress development. This prevents the recording of similar blocks again and again by the developer.

The developers working with repetitive blocks can use this feature and enjoy a seamless development experience.

3. Block-based widgets

With this new addition in WordPress 5.8 version, the developers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Creating desired layouts in the sidebars, headers, and footers using separators, columns, and spacers
  • Rich text editing is now supported in the available widgets without the need of customizing the codes
  • The editing experience is enhanced using the short-code widgets

Besides these WordPress development services, the developers can simply launch the customized widget inserter by clicking on the widget panel icon.

To conclude:

The WordPress 5.8 version focuses on some essential and must-have features and essentialities. Though, these features automate most tasks in WordPress development, you can still hire a WordPress developer for perfection.

To summarize the latest updates in WordPress 5.8 version –

  • It updated the block style and settings
  • It enhanced the block API

If you are really excited about these new features released by WordPress 5.8, you can unlock the same with Pixlogix. Reach out to the brand and enjoy hassle-free and seamless use of these available WordPress updates.

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