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Are you getting tired of not receiving your emails from your Yahoo mail account? Do you think that Yahoo mail not showing all mails from some specific recipients is due to any serious problem? If you are feeling frustrated with this kind of problem, you have the option of Yahoo email account troubleshooting which can solve the issue if any one of the following conditions is true. Read on to find out what these conditions are.

Methods to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails


First of all, if you are getting regular messages from yahoo mail not receiving emails in your yahoo mail not showing all mails from a particular recipient, you must check the settings of your yahoo mail account. You may want to reset the password of your yahoo mail account as sometimes, this can solve the problem. Similarly, you also need to check the settings of your yahoo Mail account for removing some important items like drafts and deleted items from your mail inbox. However, if none of the above things work, you need to use the Yahoo Mail Account Repair program to fix the problem.


Secondly, you need to identify the cause of the issue. Normally, people get a non-authenticated error when they try to sign in to yahoo mail. Usually, you will not be able to sign in to yahoo email when you receive emails from unknown senders. To resolve this issue, you should make sure that the sender is using the right authentication type for signing in to the yahoo mail account. Therefore, in order to resolve this problem, you should run the Network Preferences (net settings) utility and set the proper authentication type for Microsoft Outlook.

Further, you should also ensure that the yahoo server is not responding with some security issues. For example, if you are using VPN, then you should make sure that the VPN is not turned off. If you are not connected with any VPN, then you should not be getting problems in receiving and sending yahoo mails. In order to resolve these issues, you should connect with an internet connection that is working.


Thirdly, if you are using the yahoo mail app, then you should update the software by installing the latest version. In order to update the software, you should go to the Apps or the Add/Remove Programs section of your desktop computer. Now, you should find the mail app in the list of programs. You should uninstall the older version of yahoo mail in the previous step. You should then restart the computer in order to start the yahoo mail app again. In addition, you may also want to remove some other applications like Adobe Reader, Quicktime Player, and Windows Movie Maker from your computer in order to resolve the issue of not receiving emails on Yahoo Mail.


Fourthly, you should also consider updating your yahoo email filters in order to resolve this problem. These filters are responsible for handling spam and other unwanted emails in your email inbox. You should update the settings of these filters in order to manage the spam that you are receiving. If you want to learn more about the different email filters that are available in the Yahoo Mail App, you should visit the help page of yahoo mail. If you cannot access the help page or the blog, you can simply search for the filters in the Yahoo Mail app and then install them accordingly.


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