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Agency. In the field of world technology, the trend of registering patents in their name has long been developed. There are companies that have registered in their name some of the technology they have developed and are making revenue from it.

For example, Nokia has registered a mobile camera in its name. As a result, companies using mobile cameras have to pay Nokia.

That is why companies are moving forward in patent registration. In the same order, the European Patent Office has made a list of up to 19 patent applications. According to Huawei at number one.

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Huawei has registered 500 patents in its name by the end of 2009. Despite the restrictions imposed on Fifji in the US and Europe, Huawei has succeeded.

Likewise, Samsung is the second largest. Samsung has so far registered 500 patents in its name. The third is LG. There are 100 patents in the name of LG. The top five companies include four European companies, four from Asia and two American companies.

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