p40 without google

Chinese mobile maker Huawei has unveiled three new flagship smartphones in the P40 Series. The Huawei P40, P40 2 Pro and P40 Pro Plus phones that come on the market with excellent features and premium looks may seem strange to you.

Because this phone has neither Gmail, Google Maps nor Google Play Store. Last year, the US government instructed companies in their country not to have any business relationship with Huawei. Following that directive, Google has divorced Huawei.

However, Huawei has proven its strong existence by bringing new flagship phones to market. If Huawei is moving at this speed, it will make Google’s ability to overtake Google services one day too.

On this phone, Huawei uses the open source version of Android. But it doesn’t have any core features attached to Google services.

Huawei has its own App Store. He also included the Huawei branded apps to avoid missing out on the Google apps on his phone.

Google services in China have been blocked by the Great Firewall. But outside China, it is advisable not to take the phone off the P Series. Because this phone has many apps and features blocked on Android and iOS.

Talking about the look of this phone, it has a curved design around the corner. There is a new hole punch design on the left hand corner of the phone. Which looks like Samsung’s new phones.

The P-Forti has a 5.5-inch display while the other two Pro models have a 5.5-inch display. All these phones have a refresh rate of 90 Hz on display.

Huawei has its own system in place for these phones. It has a Kirin 90 chip. It operates based on a Fifi network. Compared to last year, its chip CPU is 5 percent and GPU 90 percent fast.

The P6 Pro Plus has four different camera modules and a time-of-flight sensor and an ultra-wide lens at 6mm and a normal lens at 5mm and three X lenses at 3mm. It has a super periscope lens, which has a 3x optical zoom.

Likewise, the P-FortiPro has three different camera modules and a time-of-flight sensor. It has an ultra wide and normal lens. Which has a five times zoom camera lens. Which is equal to 5mm.

It has three camera modules with ultra wide 8mm, normal 5mm and three times zoom 3mm. Its main camera sensor has 5 megapixels.

The company has added AI Best Movement new mode to this phone. So the camera itself knows when to capture the photo.

The price of this phone is 5 euro (9,7,7,4 rupees) in Europe. Likewise, the P40 Pro model has 5GB of RAM and 2GB of storage priced at 5 Euros (Rs. 2,7,4).

Likewise, the Pro Plus model will be available with 2GB of RAM and 4GB of storage for 19 euros (3,5,7). The Pro Plus variant will be available soon.

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