Many of my friends are curious about my business and interest in hiking and time management, as well as my habit of going for hikes as soon as I have free time in my business life.

It’s not that you don’t want to travel to experience a new place, but you may not be able to find business opportunities.

If the world’s busiest high-ranking officials and big businessmen take time off, it is just an excuse that we don’t have time. From a health point of view, you have to realize that walking is very important for life.

For the past year and a half, the world has been plagued by the Corona epidemic. We are also in pain. The epidemic has had a serious impact on the world economy. It has badly affected a dependent country like Nepal.

The business sector most affected by the Corona epidemic is the hotel, tourism and transportation businesses.

Amidst the second wave of Corona epidemic in Nepal and the re-ban in the country, we set out for Annapurna base camp.

It is my duty to make the journey of the travel team easy and successful as the current passengers are in a high position and I have traveled to the area before.

Our visiting team consisted of Mr. Mohan Bahadur Karki, then Chief Justice of the Pokhara Baglung Bench of the High Court, Mr. Dinesh Prasad Ghimire, Chief and Associate Advocate of the High Government Advocate’s Office, Baglung, Mr. Mohan Subedi, Administrative Chief Registrar of the Pokhara Baglung Bench and Mr. Ram Chandra KC, Branch Officer of the same court.

Due to the epidemic in Corona, all the tourist hotels were being built. After walking from Baglung Bazaar in the afternoon, we drove to Matkyu that day and after walking for an hour we reached Jhinudanda Bass. Arrangements were made by calling the hotel Hotspring Cottage where I had stayed before.

We were greeted at the hotel.

On the second day, after breakfast, we reached another beautiful tourist village, Chhumrung. During the tourist season, Chhumrung village in the area was quiet to stop the crowds of tourists on the way. There were sporadic tourists. Hoteliers and locals looked at us intently.

I really like Chhumrung village very much. Why can’t we keep our village clean and tidy when we see its cleanliness? The question comes again and again. We don’t have to work hard for that, but we haven’t been able to establish a culture of cleanliness. Let’s learn something from Ghandruk and Chhumrung for free!

There is a snowy mountain in front of the village of Chhumrung. On the right, there is a panoramic view of Machhapuchhre and across the snow, and a dense Gurung settlement.

A fertile and fertile field and a clean road, good people, sweet treats and a happy looking village. After eating at Deukaji Gurung’s hotel that morning, we were in the mood to walk slowly, preparing to stay in Bambo that day.

Deukaji and his wife Bishnu Gurung requested to stay in Upper Dobhan in the evening.

In Upper Dobhan, there is a hotel managed by their son Divas Gurung. He did not even agree to take food money. We left with only a small amount of labor.

We will always be grateful for the love and harmony shown to us. Their treatment of tourists really gave a sense of the high business culture of the area.

After dinner at Deukaji Gurung’s Hotel Chhumrung
We reached Upper Dobhan to stay that day. It rained heavily as we climbed over Bembo. On the way, I met student brothers from Syangja and Palpa. As soon as we reached the middle of the dense forest, the water hit us hard. There is no place for rain. Divas arranged for an umbrella to take us down and sent a helper.

Because it was so cold, we had a campfire that evening. What fun it is to heat a fire by adding a mat! Between the secluded place and the dense forest, the quiet and beautiful environment and the hotel are the only guests. The friendly welcome of the day, the sweet food, the happy sleep and the memorable service are unforgettable.

We will remember Diwas Gurung for his invaluable help in the difficult journey. The area is a tourist hotspot due to the behavior of such people who are willing to help their guests in any way they can.

On the third day, we set a goal to reach Machhapuchhre base camp, but the weather betrayed us. After walking from Upper Dobhan in the morning, we reached Deurali to have coffee and food in the Himalayas. As it was raining incessantly, it was decided to stay in Deurali that day. There were also some foreign tourists. Those who had reached the base camp and returned had also come with great difficulty. They also advised us not to travel further. All the hotels in Deurali had run a hotel for the convenience of the passengers. The experience of serving them only for the passengers, not without money, was what anyone could do. Salute to that commitment.

Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly – and why they’re doing so poorly. Will still be successful.

On the fourth day we decided to walk early. We had requested to prepare breakfast at 6 o’clock in the morning. We walked towards Annapurna base camp at 6 o’clock in the morning. The road was completely blocked by avalanches at two places in Bagar last year. Foreigners and Nepalis were also injured in the incident.

After the main road was stopped, a temporary road was constructed from the opposite area. That road was also very dangerous. On the other hand, Sosthan is also the place with the highest lake. While walking in the morning, Karki’s husband and KC Sir had seen some signs of it. But they recovered. We reached Machhapuchhre base camp for breakfast. On the way there was a small avalanche. What happened after eating mango pickle at Machhapuchhre base camp? KC Sir walked so hard that it is hard to believe.

Probably his first experience of walking in a high mountain area, he was happy to see that he was excited. I don’t know if the effect of mango pickle cures such leaks. But it was up to him to decide whether to accept me or not. When I reached ABC, I heard an avalanche in the snowy mountain. I could feel that scary sound and even an avalanche.

On the morning of the fifth day, the weather was very favorable. We got a unique view of the sunrise in the mountains. We were able to observe the surroundings of Annapurna base camp. We were lucky, the weather was favorable, no one got sick. Since I had trekked to the area many times before, I had a general idea of ​​the weather and location of the area. We had arranged to stay at the Annapurna Sanctuary Hotel in Annapurna base camp.

I called JB Gurung, the manager of the hotel, before leaving. He seems to be from Pokhara. We stayed at his hotel.
After breakfast at 8 o’clock in the morning, the descent started. We went down to Deurali to eat. The plan was to reach Babbo. But the rain started. Before reaching the Himalayas, the phone of the day came. The weather was not favorable and we did not have the courage to move forward. He sent an assistant to fetch our bags. It was decided to stay at the hotel for the day.

It was planned to stay in Chhumrung on the sixth day. But due to the second wave of the Corona epidemic, strict injunctions were being issued in the districts. Now the journey was not easy. Although other members of the group wanted to stay in Chhumrung that day, I requested them to return as soon as possible.

We had breakfast at Deukaji Gurung. It was not possible to return to Baglung carrying a backpack. We were all tired. I requested Vishnu Gurung Didi to arrange for our backpacks to be sent to Matkus on horseback. It was easy to walk without having to carry a bag. You got tired quickly. It took about 3 hours by car to reach home. All means of transportation were closed. A car had come to pick us up. We reached home only at 9 o’clock at night.

Wherever we stayed from the beginning to the end of the journey, we received warm hospitality. There were no tourists in the tourist area. However, all the businessmen were hoping that the business would return to normal after the end of the Corona epidemic. No one we met was disappointed. The service and love of Jhinudanda’s brother, Deukaji and Vishnu Gurung in Chhumrung is unforgettable.

We got to experience immense love for tourists during the journey.

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