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We all observed the dynamic shift of organizations, businesses, and event industries adopting the atmosphere of the virtual stage. Since this acceptance, virtual events have not only been hosted but have also delivered immersive and unique event experiences. With the festive season around the corner, everyone is excited and energized to participate in online festivals with great virtual fest celebration ideas.

Here are some experts tips on how to celebrate and host a virtual festival;

Selection of an ideal virtual fest platform

To host a successful virtual festival, you need to choose a platform that can include excellent online festival celebration ideas to keep the attendees hooked and engaged.

Besides this, you need to ensure some more notable factors to create a unique virtual fest experience;

  1. Your virtual stage should provide seamless navigation and a user-friendly interface to avoid attendee drop-off.
  2. Look for a customizable event solution to offer immersive branding and a visually rich environment.
  3. It should be 100% safe & secure to keep the personal details of the attendees intact.
  4. With events happening virtually, you need to keep track of the attendee footprint to gauge event success. Hence, it is vital to choose a platform that provides detailed reporting and analytics.
  5. It is vital to incorporate audience engagement features to help improve the stay-time of the attendees on the platform.

Send invites to your potential attendees

It is essential to send branded or customized invites to people you’ll be expecting at your virtual event. You can also create a customized template to display your brand logo and festival wishes in your invitations.

It is an excellent virtual work celebration idea to make your employees or team feel excited right from the beginning.

Drive audience engagement

Engagement is a crucial aspect of any virtual or hybrid festival. The more you can keep your attendees hooked, the better is the ROI of the event. Let’s check out some great virtual fest celebration ideas;

  1. Gamifying your virtual festival is a step to make the event more enjoyable and interesting. You can include games like online tambola, rummy, UNO, temple run, spin the wheel, and more to add an entertaining aspect to your event.
  2. The talent show is another powerful virtual work celebration idea to make your event more enjoyable. You can conduct simple dance, cooking, rangoli, or song competitions to add a new spark to your event. Also, you can invite some renowned stand-up comedian, singer, or dancer to entertain your virtual attendees.
  3. Trivia or quiz night is an excellent way to boost engagement among the audience. People get a chance of interacting and engage with other attendees and employees. It also leads to making new connections at a virtual festival.
  4. You can include a well-designed or decorated photo booth to let attendees capture multiple photos. These photo booths are sweet memories that they will cherish in the years to come.

Select an incredible speaker

Speakers play a vital role in elevating the level of your virtual fests. With their skillful art of delivering the content, they know how to keep the attendees involved. These speakers or emcees could be your friend, family member, or someone you know has expertise in this field. Keeping a noteworthy speaker ensures that there is no unnecessary chaos at the event.

Organize fun contests

To keep your attendees hooked, you can organize fun contests like rangoli making, cooking your favourite dish, lantern making, lighting diyas, or bursting crackers. These practices are a great way to recreate the experiences of a physical event.

Promote the virtual event

With scalable virtual festivals, people expect a large segment of audiences to participate. To promote the same, it is vital to spread awareness about your event.

You can create a customized landing page, enriched with eye-catching visuals and graphics to lure more attendees. Make sure to mention the registration link, data, and time of your festival.

Writing SEO-optimized guest posts and blogs is another approach to boost the search potential. With the insertion of trendy keywords, you can enhance the outreach of your event.

Email marketing is an efficient tool that you can use to send periodic reminders to your potential attendees. Design a catchy subject line and use impactful visuals to make your email more convincing.

Social media is the heart of this modern and technological world. Leverage them to maximize your global reach and boost the brand value.

Make the most of festival-specific hashtags to let more people know about the event.

Check the technical aspect

It is vital to keep the online format of the event backed with 24/7 customer support. The ability to provide real-time assistance to the attendees can help improve their event experience. Also, the assurance of this aspect helps keep technical or unexpected glitches at bay.

Perform a dry-run

Once you are ready with the strategies, tools, and features, make sure to perform several rehearsals. Test the reliability of your Internet connection, perform multiple system checks, and rehearse with the speakers. It is another major practice that you should never miss on.

Wrapping Up

Virtual celebrations are a new shift for most individuals. While some organizations have successfully hosted virtual events, some are still figuring out. To conclude, we can say that celebrating a festival virtually has its own parameters. All we require is a one-stop solution Hybrid Conference platform that can accommodate our business needs and event goals, welcome a large segment of attendees, and deliver remarkable event experiences to each of them.

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