As food is the most important part of our life. Food culture also plays a vital role to explore the culture and diversity of the designed destination all over the world. It is as well as a nourishing you in long days that can be spent during the time of trekking in the barren terrain, hilly.

In the Everest base camp trek which is variants and needed food and meals are available in many of the tea houses that are dotted along the trails. Most of the hotels in the altitude region of Everest provide the bed’s facilities and hot meal for the night.  The facilities of food that are provided in the altitude region of a country are proper and delicious.

Including this, we can taste the various flavor of meals according to the menu. The people in the Everest region of the country will get to experience the lifestyle of the people. The culture easily represents the people system of living and wonderful joy sharing within a community of people in Nepal.


Breakfast is provided in the early morning at lodges or in the guesthouse during the trekking activities. Usually, in this place breakfast is served to the guests around 7 to 8 o clock morning. It is recommended you to take a bit more heavy breakfast because you need to trek for many hours during the trek. Guesthouses usually serve Tea and it is a great thing to have hot tea in the early morning. Many of the trekkers also wanted to take a coffee of their brand or tea with them during a journey.

In the time of breakfast in the Everest region, you will be served oatmeals along with toasts given with honey, jam or butter. In the same way, Chapatti Roti is also quite tasty to take meals with omelets.

Meals such as pancakes and eggs done in various ways are also available for breakfast, along with some fruit juice. A healthy portion of oatmeal for breakfast results in your body being replenished for a longer amount of time and also to have a higher level of glucose in your bloodstream resulting in energy.      


At lunchtime, the meals which are served in the Everest base camp trek has many varieties. It will range from simple snacks like Meat soups, Dumplings, Tibetian bread with a jam along with many vegetables, sandwiches, veg, and non-veg stuff, Pizza, and lastly Pasta. we seriously recommend you to taste Dal Bhat because this is something you will never forget in your whole trip. The food is like made with Rice with Vegetable curry, beans, lentils, etc. this is a delicious food a takes you to the heavenly world during the trek. Garlic soup is also best for altitude sickness recovery. 


In the Everest region, trek must of the time trekkers great suffered form loss of appetite during trekking activities in the altitude region of the country. It is more important to care about you during the trek. If you get to suffer from the loss of appetite then you must fill your stomach. This will help you prevent altitude sickness and also keep you more strong and healthy. 

The meals at dinner time are a bit related to lunch menus. This is a meal which is specially designed by the locals. Some of the popular food menu for night dinner are Noodles, spaghetti or Porridge, dumplings, and Pasta, this type of foods also served in Pikey peak trek.

Again the veggies and rice are also known for the kings of nourishing meals during the time of Trekking in Nepal. When the sun sets and it rapidly admits the Himalayas. The trekkers in the region tend to huddle during a dinner table after your full meals.

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