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Today, we are shifting from indulging in blog posts to consuming more online videos. Video content has gained a lot of traction over the past decade. It’s also estimated to dominate the internet for the next few years. 

According to Cisco, videos account for more than 82% of internet traffic in 2021. That being said, using video content can reach out to a broader audience. Marketers have found this statistic intriguing. They begin to incorporate a video marketing strategy to help businesses improve their growth. 

One of the most popular video marketing campaigns marketers have used is an explainer video. It’s an unlikely marketing video that uses illustration and compelling storytelling to convey information. 

Generally, there are two types of explainer videos: animated videos and live-action videos. With animation, marketers can break down complicated information into bite-sized pieces that viewers can easily digest. 

On the other hand, live-action explainer videos can humanize your business and share important messages clearer. The actor’s presence also allows viewers to understand information right away as if they’re getting a direct explanation. 

Six ways explainer videos can help businesses improve their growth significantly

1. Capture attention

Videos are great for capturing attention in public. Compared to a long-block article, video content is much more captivating for most people. With a video, they can access the information faster as they don’t need to read a clunky blog post.

As videos have become insanely popular on the internet, many companies compete to make attractive content to engage viewers. There are several ways you can hook your audience right away. One of them is to produce video content that fits the current trend. 

Making trending topic-related content can help you receive exposure. This riding-the-wave technique is extremely useful, especially if you’re new to the business. It’s great for building your target audience from the ground.  

2. Deliver messages concisely

A video marketing campaign utilizes video content to send a promotional message. This tactic has proven to successfully improve businesses’ performance as it did for a razor company: Dollar Shave Club.

This small company used an explainer video to promote a razor through YouTube. While it sounds common today, nobody expected a thought-out and professional explainer video to describe what a razor can do for you. This was a huge success for the company as the video took social media platforms by storm.  

Videos can be used to describe something thoroughly. As written content has become overly boring to engage in, videos are an excellent alternative to spread the word out. 

In this case, explainer videos will help deliver your messages seamlessly. Your viewers won’t get bored watching the advertisement content as it brings joy to them.  

3. Increase engagement

Social media accounts are inherently crucial for businesses today. Having an online presence through social platforms allows you to connect with potential customers much easier. 

As social platforms rely on visually appealing content, publishing videos can help you reach out to a bigger audience. People can quickly discover your videos and engage with them. They are also able to share the content with friends at their fingertips. 

This constant interaction between your audience and your videos increases the engagement rate on your end. When you have a higher engagement, more people will be curious and try to dig some information about your business. 

4. Drive more traffic

If your engagement rate increases, chances are more people will be coming to find your page. As they get curious about your content, they will visit your site.

Imagine you’ve stumbled upon attractive content on YouTube. It’s so intriguing that you want to know what it’s all about. You will then check its official social page and most likely go to the website to find out more. 

Having viral content will definitely help you boost traffic. People crave detailed information about your business, and your site is the only completed online source to learn. Therefore, many websites often see a surge in traffic whenever their content gets popular on the internet. 

5. Boost your SEO

SEO is an important aspect to look for when you’re establishing a website. With a good SEO score, you will have a chance to land higher on the search engine result page. 

Have you ever wondered how some pages are placed on Google’s first page? Besides SEM, where you can pay for a higher placement, SEO doesn’t require any cost. It heavily relies on the organic search that users voluntarily look for in the first place. 

Incorporating explainer videos can improve your page rank on the search engine. Video content is highly shareable; thus, people can spread it faster than any other content on the internet. When more people search for your content, you have a higher chance to land on the first result page.

6. Increase conversion rates

Sales explainer videos are equipped with a call to action, a phrase that prompts viewers to take the desired action immediately. This highly engaging copy will ask people to do a certain action that affects your business.

Some of the calls to action urge viewers to download the app, sign up for the program, visit the website, and more. You can basically create any phrase that benefits your business

With a call to action, you can generate leads and turn them into customers faster. So, if you’re a brand-new business looking for a way to collect more leads, incorporating explainer videos is a wise choice.


Thanks to the internet, many businesses can now use visual content to attract an audience. Videos are among if not, the most engaging content ever. With a video, you can reach out to a broader audience, from social media savvy users to casual internet users. Videos catch their attention right away.  

That’s why explainer videos have been the top choice when it comes to promoting a business online. The compelling narration can hook the audience as it offers a solution to their problem. So, what’s stopping you from making an explainer video?

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