9 Things to Buy From Sephora

Is there even a number we can put on the things you must buy from Sephora? Sephora is a fairytale dream laden with the best charms for every makeup lover but when you are tight on budget? Sephora becomes the nightmare. And spending at Sephora is honestly a luxury we all cannot afford. This doesn’t mean you should let your dreams die. After all what are Sephora promo codes for?

Sephora simply has the best deals with best products but this doesn’t mean you should give in to your love for makeup and buy everything you can grab. Before you get all crazy seeing those pretty swatches at Sephora, here are few things you must buy from Sephora.

Blotting Papers

Oily skin and the struggle of letting your makeup stay on is real. Dealing with an oily skin is no joke and people who struggle with this issue might realize this. If you have been suffering from the bad kind of shine on your face, then you need the right blotting papers. Sure, you are going to find many at Sephora and that is the best part. Take our work when we say, the blotting papers at Sephora are worth adding to your cart each time.

Watermelon Sleeping Mask

Watermelon is more water than fruit and water is great for the skin. Water rehydrates our skin and gives it a nice soft glow. Without water you cannot expect your skin to behave let alone be its best self. Hence the watermelon sleeping mask from Sephora which is a must buy. This face mask removes all the dead skin cells and give you a nice sweet glow. You will love the treatment it gives to your skin because who doesn’t like to be pampered like a little child.

Makeup Removing Face Wash

Makeup removal is hard and most of us would give everything to get our makeup removed at the end of the day magically. Especially if you have been investing on water proof mascaras, good luck with them now. Great thing Sephora has got you covered.

Since, it’s difficult to find a face wash that appeals to everyone, but the soy makeup removing face wash gets close. It cleans and softens your skin with super-mild and moisturizing ingredients including rosewater and soy extract. Heavy concealers, mascara, and high-pigment eye looks are all removed (though you might want to attempt a double wash just to be sure).

Marc Jacobs Pen Liquid Liner

Without liner no girl can complete her look. The right eye liner can make heads turn and if you know how to wing it then you might be the best one with the perfect skills. Applying eye liner is a challenge and then letting it stay and not smudge when you laugh out too loud with your friends is another challenge. The marc Jacobs’s precision eye liner at Sephora clearly steals the show. You can effortlessly draw fine or broad lines without the color fading during the day thanks to a tip inspired by vintage calligraphy pens and a long-lasting formula.

Olaplex Color Corrector

The sun as left us all multi colored and we seriously don’t love the pigmentation on our skin. If you have been fretting over your skin health then the tiger grass color corrector might be your ultimate savior. The tiger grass helps boost your skin’s capacity to repair itself and promote healing. This remarkable skin treatment has built-in SPF, performs as a light cover-up with color-correcting green tint to control out any redness, and decrease inflammation and unwanted marks like acne scars over time.

Nars Creamy Concealer

Concealing is important especially when you are hiding those elate night hours of binge watching your favorite season. A concealer can be a great accessory to your makeup collection and finding the perfect concealer?

Well you just got lucky. This silky concealer may be used in a variety of ways, including as a concealer for blemishes and under-eye circles, a highlighter, a contouring hue, and as a foundation substitute. Light-reflective particles and moisturizing elements in the blendable composition make it extremely forgiving to those who wear it.

Milk Makeup Blur Stick

As the name suggests this Sephora blur stick gives you a milky clear skin. It is everything you would want in a primer. With a flawless finish to host your makeup the milk makeup blur stick is simply one of the bestselling products at Sephora. We don’t just say it, the reviews speak for themselves.

Hourglass Highlighter Powder

A little highlight is never enough. And Sephora who says you can get wrong with a highlighter. The right highlighter applied generously just gives you the perfect look. Okay don’t go too overboard as with the hourglass highlighter you wouldn’t want to put that brush down at all.

This powder may be used all over (which is suggested), as a highlighter, on your lids, or as a bronzer. There are so many options! Furthermore, reviewers claim that the compact contains so much product that it lasts them a very long time! It’s also cruelty-free and devoid of parabens.

Pop Blush

Pop blushes are the new cool and girls just love something pinky creamy and nice on their pretty cheeks to give that small a new look. Using a unique powder-gel composition, Kaja Mochi Flash Blush colors your complexion with a delicious pop of candy-like color. If you run out of mochi at home, use this to get in the mood with adorable mochi cheeks before going out to acquire more!

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