Everyone wants to be free from body hair. An IPL Laser Hair Removal device makes it a matter of the past.

Earlier shaving, tweezing, and waxing was done to remove the body hairs. Now laser hair removal is the newest thing on the hair removal block. It has many advantages and has replaced everything making body hairs a myth of the past. Maybe you are also considering laser hair removal using an IPL Laser Hair Removal device. The most asked question we receive is as follows: Is Laser hair removal safe? Read on to know the facts before you start doing the process.

What is laser hair removal?

It is the most recent and widely used cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted body hair. It is commonly applied to remove hairs on the armpits, bikini line, chin, legs, and upper lips. But can be applied in almost any area save the eyelid and the area surrounding. It is also not applied to the skin areas having tattoos. Despite delaying the growth of hairs for a long period, it does not cause permanent hair removal. Repeated removals and maintenance treatments may be needed.

How does it work?

When you use an IPL laser hair removal device it sends concentrated laser beams to the hair follicles. The device uses a specific wavelength of the laser beam and pulse duration for obtaining optimum hair removal with minimum damage to the surrounding tissues. The monochromatic beam penetrates deeply into the skin and gets absorbed by melamine, the pigments present in the hairs. As melamine absorbs the laser beam, heat is generated and that destroys the hair follicle. Ultimately the growth of the hair gets arrested. Since hair follicles grow in cycles, multiple hair removal sessions are necessary.

Facts to know for using an IPL laser hair removal device

1. It is slightly painful

The IPL laser hair removal device removes hair by applying a laser beam that reacts with the pigment in the hair. The pointed laser generates heat that ultimately damages the hair follicle. Persons applying this are likely to feel a quick light rush of heat especially near the chin, nose, and temples where the skin is thinner. Studies have shown that 89% of people don’t feel any kind of pain from laser hair removal. However, those that do feel uncomfortable, using a laser hair removal device with a cooling mechanism helps to relieve the issue.

2. Patience and consistency are essential for results

One needs 2 to 3 weeks to observe a noticeable difference and 8 to 12 regular hair removal treatments for getting some tangible result. The laser beam attacks the root of hair growth and also targets the hairs that are actively growing. One may find that fewer hairs are growing after the first treatment. But continuing the removal process is essential for optimal results.

3. Preparation is a must

Clean shave the area before doing the laser hair removal process.  No tweezing, waxing, and plucking should be done before and between two treatment processes. Also, wipe out the area to make it free from makeup, lotion, sun cream, etc. Tanning should not also be done before doing the hair removal.

4. Avoid workout after hair removal

ForeverSilky.co.za says removing hairs with an IPL laser hair removal device can be done pretty fast. Typically, a full face removal takes about 15 to 20 minutes. But the heat remains present in the skin for 24 hours. Doing workouts or taking a hot shower after the laser hair removal will make the area prone for bacterial growth and render spots, As such, they are to be avoided.

5. Sun is not a friend

One should also avoid sun exposure both before and after the laser hair removal process. In case you already have a tan, you should better defer the removal process till the tan fades.  Always, consult a dermatologist who can advise you the best.

6. Undergo no beauty regime

It is necessary to stop scrubbing, glycolic acid, and retinol creams for two days both before and after the laser hair removal. One must also avoid chemical peels for at least two weeks before and after laser hair removal. It holds good for fake tan as well.

7. Never dye, pluck, or wax hairs

One should not dye, pluck, or wax hairs as they impede the removal process. In case one wants to stay hairless between sessions, they should take the shaving route.

8. Compatible with all skin tones

One can use an IPL laser hair removal device regardless of the skin tone. Only, the hairs have to be dark for drawing the laser beam. It is better to use devices with long-pulsed lasers for darker skin tones.

9. Might cause pigment changes

Following the laser hair removal process, might change the pigmentation of the area where it was applied. That means it may make the skin light or dark. Such changes could be temporary or permanent. Persons having darker skin and not avoiding sun exposure are most likely to be affected.  Such persons are also likely to have blisters.

10. Laser hair removal has many benefits

Other than delivering clear, smooth skin with permanent hair removal, it also reduces in-growing hairs and causes less skin irritation. Temporary redness, scarring, and swelling are observed in some cases.

11. May trigger more growth

The laser hair removal process may stimulate the hair to grow longer and thicker in some cases. The finer hairs, called, vellus, get stimulated by laser to cause this effect. Although it is very rare, it happens sometimes. In such cases, one must immediately consult a dermatologist to know the suitability of hairs for laser hair removal.

12. Hairs may also grow back

Different individuals have different hair growth and hormone secretion. While the majority of the individuals experience a permanent hair-growth reduction, fluctuating hormone levels might cause the hair to grow back. One needs to take professional help in such cases.

The takeaway

Although laser hair removal is typically done in a dermatology clinic, you may also reap the benefits by using an IPL laser hair removal device at home. But you must go through the manual, follow proper settings and preparations for getting the best results. However, one must consult a dermatologist for any problem.

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