Wrongful termination is illegal, and anyone who has been a victim can file a claim against their employer or company. If you have recently been fired from your job, there are some actions you can take to investigate whether your termination was legal and based on fair terms.

Once you find out the real reason behind losing your job, you can file a lawsuit against your employer or the industry you were working in for termination for unbiased or illegitimate reasons. 

Although most private companies hire employees at will, they can terminate an employee whenever they want for any reason. However, this policy has some exceptions; if the company violates the rules, it can be held responsible. 

If you have been terminated for unfair reasons, contact Sattiraju & Tharney employment lawyer immediately to see what you can do to procure your losses. An employment lawyer will guide you in the right direction on how to file a lawsuit against your company without ruining your future opportunities for a job. 

Nevertheless, here are some ways to check for wrongful termination and determine the necessary actions to put in motion. 

Written letters or promises

Remember if you signed a contract of job security at the time of your joining. If you have a contract, you can claim that you were not hired on an ‘at-will’ basis which means the company cannot terminate you without any violation or breach of duty. 

For example, the contract might state that you cannot be fired unless the reason is justified or you have violated any of the terms mentioned in the legal document. Additionally, you can look for a joining letter stating your long-term job security if you do not have a contract. 

Implied commitments.

Check whether there is an implied employment contract. This contract is significant because you can hold it against your employer based on what he said and did. However, it is difficult to find evidence on this matter because every employer is quite cautious with their word and ensures they do not promise any job security from their side. 

However, if your employer ever promised you that, try to find evidence that can prove it. There are several ways to find proof like texts, WhatsApp messages, emails, voice recordings, video recordings, etc. 

Breach of good faith 

If your termination was based on unbiased or unfair reasons, you have a right to file a lawsuit against your employer for breach of good faith. There can be multiple reasons for dishonest dealings with an employee. 

This does not have to be a termination or loss of a job; it can also be applied for partial treatment in a work environment. 

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