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Swimsuit season is here, and swimwear stores are popping up everywhere. What swimsuit will you wear this summer? There are many different swimsuits for every body type. The swimsuits come in a variety of styles to fit your personal preferences.

1. The One-Piece Swimsuit

One-piece swimsuits are a time-tested swimwear staple. A one piece swimsuit can be the perfect fit for your body type! The style is timeless and classic, but you can also find modern versions that have unique shapes or patterns to give it a more modern look.

For women with curves: In order to balance out your figure, choose a suit with an embellished top and minimal bottoms. You may want to try black swimwear or another dark color so that attention isn’t drawn away from the upper portion of the swimsuit. This will create longer lines down your frame which help slim you in all areas! To add volume on top without looking too bulky, go for ruffles instead of frills

2. The Tankini

The tankini swimsuit is a great option for women who want to mix and match swimwear. This style typically consists of shorts that are attached to the top, coming down your thighs. While this swimsuit style may not be ideal if you are looking for support in the chest area, it can help hide any undergarments or skin imperfections with its high-cut leg coverage!

For curvy figures: If you have larger breasts, look for swimsuits with embellished details on top like ruching around the bust. Ruching helps accentuate cleavage while also hiding areas where you feel self conscious about

For tall ladies: Tankinis work best when they hit right at bikini line so go ahead and wear short

3. Micro Bikini

The micro bikini swimsuit is the most popular swimwear style. It offers great support and it can be worn by almost any body type! If you’re looking for a swimsuit that will look good no matter what, this fit might be your go-to choice.

For women with curves: The classic bikini top comes in both underwire and molded cups to provide extra lift and shape. To really make your frame pop, choose a bright color like hot pink or coral

For tall ladies: In order to balance out long legs, wear high waisted bottoms to elongate yourself even more

This post has been filled with many different types of swimsuits so there’s definitely something here for everyone! You’ll have no problem finding the

4. The Monokini

The swimsuit style that showed up on runways in the 1960s is also making a big comeback today. The monokini swimsuit, or topless swimsuits for women, has resurfaced as an edgy swimwear trend!

For curvy figures: To provide more support and structure while still being comfortable enough to wear at the beach or poolside, look for swimsuits with thick straps around your neckline

For tall ladies: Monokinis are meant to be super revealing so you can get away with wearing high waisted bottoms if you’re looking for extra coverage


Swimsuit season is here now so it’s time go out shopping soon. There are different options depending on your personal

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