10 Best Resorts to Stay at Andaman And Nicobar

A trip becomes more thrilling and enjoyable when your lodgings are hassle-free. Hence research well and find the best place to stay when on a vacation. Various kinds of accommodation options are available in most of the tourist spots. So, can the Andaman and Nicobar Islands be far behind?

Usually, these islands are visited by tourists for their pristine beaches and to be close to nature. A few may go there on business and a few others for their love of history. Proper booking of a hotel or a resort is a must before embarking on the journey to have a comfortable and pleasurable outing.

Picking a resort over a hotel for stay increases your fun quotient as these provide better facilities for having recreation. While in Andaman you can choose one of these resorts for your stay.

1. Coral Cove Hotel & Resorts Port Blair

This pet-friendly resort has air-conditioned rooms equipped with comfortable bed, TV, Wi Fi, spa and so on makes for a decent stay. On-location spa, dining options, private parking make the stay comfortable and relaxing. Get some adrenaline rush with snorkelling or just riding the town hiring a bike.

2. Flying Elephant Resort Havelock

Located in tranquil locales is for the nature lovers. Strolling through the beach nearby or walking through its garden and enjoy the bucolic ambiance. This eco-friendly resort devoid of any modern-day gadgets is a good way for digital detoxing. Rooms made with bamboo materials adds to the rustic feel.

3. Emerald Gecko Resort Neil Island

Nestled amidst lush greenery this is a perfect spot for nature buffs, solitude seekers and also adventure lovers. Go fishing, boating, diving or snorkelling or just relax beside the sea observing the waves beating the coast. Feel revitalized with a stay in rural set up enjoying the surroundings.

4. Greenwood Resort Island Little Andaman

Tucked away in the midst of verdant forest and near the beach it offers gorgeous views of the surroundings and the sea and helps unwind. Go fishing, surfing or trekking in the nearby hillocks give your adrenaline a great push. Ac rooms, attached bath and onsite restaurant makes the stay comfortable.

5. Blue Planet Long Island

With a huge tree at its centre it needs no modern air-conditioning equipment. Strategically placed near a jungle you can take a nature walk among its trees, swing in the hammocks or take a stroll in its garden watching birds for relaxation. Go scuba diving for some thrill.

6. Pristine Beach Resort Diglipur

Conveniently located in the proximity of a beach and a forest you can be very close to nature here. Walking along the beach here reach the Kalipur Beach and witness the turtles breeding. Bask in the sun or snorkel in the clear waters nearby to have some stimulating time.

7. Dew Dale Resort Baratang Island

To enjoy a village setting with modern interiors book rooms in this resort. Placed in the midst of emerald green woods it offers an eco-friendly stay. Take part in the excursions and go canoeing, kayaking and so on to have an enthralling stay at the island.

8. Fortune Resort Bay Island

For a comfortable stay in prevailing indoor setting book rooms here. Go swimming or dine at the open deck restaurant overlooking the sea. Visiting the beach the sand lovers and water buffs can have an exotic time. Visiting the cellular jail or the anthropological museum nearby will be awe-inspiring.

9. Anugama Resort Manglatun

Tactically located near the city’s attractions it makes for a convenient stay. Take a stroll in the forest nearby and have a peek into its flora and fauna. Indulge in water sport for recreation or go walking to enjoy the quite serenity. This relaxation will make your stay fruitful.

10. Ixzire Resort Ferrurgunj

Discerningly decorated individual cottages with modern amenities makes for a luxurious stay while in the island. Soak in the beach, relax on a hammock in the garden or stroll in the rain forest area and de-stress yourself. Take part in the resort arranged sports activities for some adrenaline pumping.

These are some options to stay when in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Make the most of it by booking the best of resorts in time.

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