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New Hampshire is a small state located in the northeastern part of the United States,its unofficial name is “Granite State”.It is one of the first colonies of England. Variants of the name: English New Hampshire, New Hampshire, New Hampshire. The province was incorporated into the United States in 1788 and became the ninth state in a row. Consider how to organize a holiday in New Hampshire in 2021, prices and attractions for holidays in New Hampshire that are worth visiting first.

History, geography, climate

The state is located in the northeast of the country. The relief and climate are influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, which washes it, with which the state borders to the east.

The relief is rich and is represented by mountains and hills, forests, lowlands, reservoirs.

The climate is continental. This means that winters are harsh and snowy (up to minus 20 degrees), and summers are warm, but short (daytime temperatures up to 28 degrees Celsius). Thunderstorms, tornadoes, storms and hurricanes are observed

Capital is the city of Concord

The capital is the city of Concord, but the most populated and largest business center is Manchester.

The state is located near the major metropolises of the United States and, thus, attracts many tourists. Climbers and skiers dream of the peaks of the White Mountains, yachtsmen – about numerous lakes, just tourists – about the foot route “Appalachian Trail”.

How to get there

It is possible to get to New Hampshire by plane. Air service takes place with the international ports of Portsmouth International Airport and Manchester Boston Regional Airport. The flight time will be about 9 hours at an average speed of 800 km / h. The distance in the direction”Moscow – New Hampshire” – 7171 km.

To save money when booking a ticket from Moscow and other major cities of Russia, keep in mind that the cheapest tickets can usually be found in advance a few weeks before departure. Please note that often tickets purchased by special. offers may not be exchangeable and non-refundable.

In 2021, the cost of a flight with transfers starts from 26 thousand rubles per passenger one way.


In the United States, the bus and car service is the most common and affordable means of transportation. Serve passenger transportation in the state such companies as:

  • Greyhound;
  • MegaBus;
  • Peter Pan;
  • Chinatown Bus;

Ticket prices are the most democratic. For example, in 2021, in the presence of various promotions, you can buy a ticket for almost $ 1. Tickets are sold for a week and for 1 month. Available in the United States movement on rented cars.

holidays in New Hampshire Throughout the country, including in New Hampshire, there are rental companies that allow travelers to get a car in one city in the state, and hand it over in another. The history of rental cars has more than 100 years. Almost every airport and railway station has a rental point. The largest rental companies:

  • Enterpris;
  • Hertz;
  • Rent-a-car.

For a tourist who has reached the age of 25 years, there are no restrictions when choosing a rental car. It is enough to have a driver’s license, a credit card for “freezing” the collateral on it. After observing some formalities in the form of signing a contract and paying for insurance – the car is at your disposal.

Taxis are also very popular. They are ready to drive up to you at the first signal, it is only necessary to raise your hand.

Where to stay

New Hammshire provides a wide range of accommodation for tourists with any financial capabilities. Here logan car service with you can stay in traditional hotels, hostels, apartments, villas, bungalows and even on yachts.

If we consider for the stop hotels of the capital of New Hammshire Concord – in 2021 the price level starts from 5 thousand for 2 vacationers for 4 nights in a 2* hotel (for example, Days Inn Concord New Hampshire).

One of the most visited cities in the world is Manchester in New Hammshire.

It is ideal for a variety of holidays: for sightseeing, for lovers of a relaxing holiday, for tourists with children. The hotel business here is at a high level. Prices in hotels depend on several parameters:

Living conditions. You can settle both in the presidential suite and in the dormitory room.

Finding. The closer the hotel is to the city center, the higher the prices for accommodation.

Season. Summer is the tourist season, so available rooms end very quickly.

The best option not to overpay and get a cozy accommodation is a hotel 15-20 minutes drive to the center.

Meals to Eat

Real gourmets in New Hampshire are recommended to taste traditional New England cuisine. It includes their game and seafood dishes, as well as pastries and sweets. Visit the restaurants in Portsmouth and taste the delicious lobster bakes casserole.

For tourists, special excursions have even been developed – the so-called routes of wine, cheese and chocolate.

In Canterbury, check out Brookford Farm. Enjoy cheddar, Camembert, Brie and Brookford Quark cheese.

After the wine and cheese, pay attention to the sweets produced at Stella’s factory in Bedford. The hit in this production is toffee with sea salt and almond oil. Since 1935, Manchester has been famous for van Otis Chocolate.

You can eat a variety of foods in the United States, but you need to remember a few rules that will help you avoid unpleasant situations:

For example, the menu of restaurants often does not indicate an additional 18% tax, do not forget about tips.

holidays in New Hampshire – Economical tourists who prefer to cook food on their own are recommended to buy products in supermarkets. You can consider such food options with prices for 2021:

fast food. Here you can have a snack with hamburgers, pizza, hot doges, etc. for only 5-7 dollars;

chain restaurants. Here you can have a hearty lunch for 10-15 dollars;

café. An average breakfast with a side dish and a drink will cost you 30-40 dollars.

steakhouse. Meat steak of any degree of roasting and a glass of wine will cost you 50-55 dollars;

Japanese and Chinese restaurants will come to the aid of thrifty tourists. The average check will be $ 10, with the ability to eat anything and as much as you want. Read More Blogs

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