Belts are one of the necessary accessories for men to complete their look. If you are not wearing a belt, it will seem like you have forgotten something. Some might not feel its presence on you, but they will definitely notice if you are not wearing one, especially with your formals. Of course, wearing belts hugely depends upon the style of your trousers, but with every formal wear, the belt becomes necessary. It is an important accessory for men. That is why belts also make to the list of best gifts for men. So, if you know a man whose birthday is coming next, then you just got an idea of what to gift them. Leather belts are the best among every other material of which belts are made. Leather belts are durable, stylish, and flexible. They are also comfortable to wear and can complement any outfit. People may think that this is a mere piece of accessories that doesn’t hold that much importance, but little do they know that it is the most precious possession of some men. People wear belts for different occasions and with different outfits, but is it important to wear a belt with the formals? And if yes, then why?

Wearing a belt with the formals is a good idea and below are the reasons for the same:


Complete the look:

You do not want to go with an incomplete look when stepping outside in your formals. Formals are a great deal to wear because they will give you a classy look. So you would not want to compromise with the look on your end. A classy look is complete if you will wear all the accessories and the best thing about wearing formals is that you do not have to wear many of the accessories. A belt and watch will suffice. If you are not wearing a belt with your formals, your outfit will look incomplete, and people might think you forgot your belt in a hurry. The loops or the trousers are meant to hold the belt, and those empty loops will look odd if there is no belt on your waist.


The default accessory:

Some are the things that you have to do, and in this case, you have to wear. Look around yourself, and you will see every man wearing a tucked-in shirt is wearing a belt even if their trouser is a proper fit. That is why belts for formals are a default accessory. If you have tucked your shirt in then, you have to wear a belt because that is how it is. People prefer wearing a simple black or brown belt with every outfit as it makes the ideal choice for men. Simple belts will keep the look simple and attractive without people staring ad an odd-looking belt that is not matching with the outfit.


The real purpose:

Every accessory you own serves a purpose, and so does the belt. The main purpose of the belt is to keep your trousers in their place. Belts are meant to fit the rousers that are loose from your waist. Any outfit that does not properly fit you will not suit you. But what if you like the trouser, but it is somehow loose, so you can use a belt to ensure that the pant fits you.


It does not matter if you trouser is loose or not, a belt will only fulfil its purpose of holding it in its place but also help you complete your classy look. Belts for formals have been in trend for years, and if you know someone who loves to keep multiple belts in their closet, you know what to give them as a gift next time you meet them.



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