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New York Fashion Week focuses on style and coloring. Due to the long lockdown, there have been some changes in the hairstyle, which is more important for fashion trends. It has brought about a year of different hair coloring and styling changes. In such a situation it was less pleasant and less optimistic. However, more attention needs to be paid to winter hair styling and coloring, as winter hair fall is much more common. So you should choose some products that can reduce hair fall by maintaining proper hairstyle and coloring. Tomoko Shima Hair Salon offers the best solutions for hair care and hair color in NYC. Your hair should be colored in a way that is very soft, fresh, and maintains a natural look. If you want to find a new feeling with hair loss problems and the best hair coloring process in winter, read on to the end of the article.

The biggest fall hair trends of 2021/2022

  1. Long and Healthy hair color: Long and healthy hair can help you create the perfect look with any outfit. This haircut is perfect for winter to make your social events more awesome. Color Expert, Mara Benitez-Tomoko Shima NYC has been cutting and coloring long and healthy hair efficiently for many years. Mara Benitez bests techniques are about shine and reflections and a softness in the root area when highlighted. Mara Benitez can give healthy hair tips for your hair rehabilitation work. Color expert Mara Benitez says- “Two types of blonde hair stand out, light beige blonde is going to be warmer, ideal for brightening up a face with fair skin to frame the face with points of light.  Second, we will witness the comeback of a mixture of shades of golden blonde with golden copper highlights, Slightly extravagant and showy colorings such as cherry effects or purplish chestnuts are making a comeback.


  1. Buns and Bangs: For the bangs trend, winter is a good season. There will be no village on your forehead, no uncomfortable curtain bangs, choppy bangs, feathered bangs. A better shine can be achieved with hairstyles and coloring. Some colors that are suitable for winter can be included with your Light Face. If you want to compare trends with the weather in NYC you can color chocolate, coppery, coffee. These colors will enhance the radiance of your skin and enhance the beauty of your hair.


  1. Subtle Winter Hair Color: In shades closer to your natural color, there are some highlights, that are the biggest fall hair trends of 2021. Even in winter, you can keep your hair color naturally soft and shiny for a long time. Hair trends increase a lot in winter, so you should choose the best quality hair color from New York’s best colorist hair salon Tomoko Shima. 


  1. Shaggy Fringe: Shag haircut with layers cut around the face can be the best choice for the 2021 winter season. It is quite helpful for you to reach fast in a simple, sharp, style. Many people do not know exactly what the hair trends are in winter. So you can take advice from a popular hair salon, Tomoko Shima, in NYC on how you can protect your hair from trends in winter 2021.


  1. Asymmetrical Winter Lob: This is a great hairstyle to brighten up the look in winter. You can keep the normal ones throughout the winter. It is a good choice to get the pleasure of soft hair with any outfit of your choice.

Last words: Tomoko Shima is a reputable hair salon in New York City for proper care so the hair trend increases a lot in winter. So come under this salon to style your hair properly in winter.

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