When there is excessive pressure on the kidneys, this condition causes kidney problems.

1. High blood pressure can affect the kidneys. Because high blood pressure puts a lot of pressure on our blood vessels. It can cause heart disease.

2. If a diabetic cannot control his diabetes, the body produces too much glucose. When this glucose accumulates, there is a problem in the small filter of the kidneys. That is why the kidneys cannot get rid of toxins from the body. As a result, the kidneys may be damaged.

3. When blood flow to our body suddenly stops, the kidneys also stop working.

4. When our body is unable to urinate, even in such a situation, toxins start to be produced in our body. This is why there is an extra burden on the kidneys.

5. Blood clots around the kidneys can also have a detrimental effect on kidney function.

6. Any type of infection in the body also affects the kidneys.

7. Excessive consumption of drugs, alcohol, etc., the kidneys are unable to do their job.

8. Different types of antibiotics can damage the kidneys.

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