Pregnancy can occur if you do not use family planning methods without planning or preparing for pregnancy. This is what happens to most couples.

In this case,

– If you suspect pregnancy, check with a health worker.

-If pregnancy is proven, the fetus can be taken care of by regular health and pregnancy test to give continuity to the fetus. Or if the pregnancy cannot be continued, a safe abortion can be performed with the consent of the pregnant woman up to 12 weeks of pregnancy in a government-listed health facility. Safe abortion services are available free of charge at Government of Nepal health facilities, while at private sector listed health centers (hospitals).

If the fetus is to be continued

– Measure your height and weight on the first visit. It will find out if you are malnourished. Malnutrition during pregnancy does not improve the development of the fetus, so malnutrition should be treated.

– Measure your weight every time you go to the health institution. As the gestation period increases, so should the weight. You usually gain 10 to 12 kg during pregnancy.

– Mandatory pressure check from a health worker on each pregnancy test visit.

– Following the advice given by the health worker and the doctor, to follow the suggested test, to take the medicine and to follow up regularly.

When to do a pregnancy test?

-If possible, consult a health worker or obstetrician while planning a pregnancy and get the necessary tests done.

-The first pregnancy test must be done within the first three months from the moment you suspect that you are pregnant or pregnant. This test also confirms whether you are pregnant or not. Since the baby’s organs are formed in the early stages of pregnancy, one should be very careful. Since malnutrition, hormonal disorders and infections need to be treated, you need to do the necessary tests to make sure you are not.

– The second test should be done within 16 months as soon as it takes four months. After the beginning of the fourth month of pregnancy, interest in food increases and after this test, iron and calcium tablets should be started.

– The third test is suitable to be done after 1 month, i.e. after 4 months of pregnancy at 20 to 24 weeks. In this case, an ultrasound (video X-ray) should be done to find out if there is anything wrong with the fetus. This visit is considered very important as it also requires blood pressure and other necessary tests.

– The fourth and fifth tests should be done at 28 and 32 weeks, respectively, at regular intervals of 1-1 months. These visits assess the growth of the baby as well as counseling about the problem of high blood pressure (preeclampsia), problems with urination, back pain, etc.

– After 15 months of pregnancy, i.e. 34 weeks, the test should be done every 15 days. Therefore, the sixth, seventh and eighth should be done at 34, 36 and 38-40 weeks respectively. These tests should be done to assess the anemia of the pregnant woman, other complications as well as the condition of the baby, where it has returned, the condition of the saliva, etc. In this case, you have to plan and prepare for the delivery.

– Apart from this, if you have any problem, you should consult a health worker and get checked. If such a test is not possible, a mandatory pregnancy test should be done at least 4 months, 6 months, 8 months and 9 months.

What medicine to take?

-It is better to start taking folic acid mill 3 months before pregnancy. Even if it has not started before, it should be started as soon as you know you are pregnant. Take folic acid tablets every day for 90 days of pregnancy. Doing so reduces the chances of a child being born with a disability.

– Eat one milliliter of iron every morning after 90 days of pregnancy (which will save you from anemia and also improve the health of your baby). Consumption of milk and milk products and iron tablets only 2 hours before or after tea and coffee is good for absorption and also eat foods rich in vitamin C along with mango, lemon, orange and amla. Iron mills are available free of charge at health facilities.

– As soon as you start the iron mill, you should start eating calcium mill every evening. This prevents the problem of fainting during pregnancy.

– After the completion of the period of 3 months of pregnancy, take 1 pill of worm medicine or after taking defecation test, take worm medicine as required.

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