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Summer is coming and there are so many options when it comes to buying a beach tent. Gone are the days of one choice – grab the Beach Umbrella, jump in the car and off to the Beach.

Today, you merely stroll down to any beach in the summer, whether it’s Bondi Beach, Surfers Paradise, Scarborough, or Byron Bay, to see as many diverse types of Sun Shelters as there are people on the beach.

So, how do you pick the best beach tents for your needs and, more importantly, provide sun protection from harmful UV rays?

What to look for in a Sun Shelter – Features & Benefits

When it comes to what to look out for with the features and components of a Beach Shelter this will largely depend on how you are going to put it to use and how often you are going to use your Beach Tent.

Sun protection

Sun protection on Australian beaches should be at the top of the list for must haves. A UPF 50+ which offers top rated UV protection blocking approximately 98% of the Suns harmful UV rays.

Beach Tent Size

Before buying a beach tent you will need to weigh how sunshade & space you need. Consider the number of people you want to fit inside.

If you are only a few of you heading to the Beach perhaps a smaller Sun Shelter. However, if you have a full crew perhaps a larger Beach Tent is the best option.

Quality Beach Tent Components & Fittings

Being exposed to salt air is beneficial to avoid steel components including Beach Tent Poles, Beach Tent Clips etc these will rust in the salt air over time often resulting in the Beach Tent parts breaking or rust marks on your fabric.

Avoid Steel poles & Frames there are prone to rusting over time and will be particularly heavy. Aluminium Poles are a must have for your Beach Tent – strong, light weight and rust resistant.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel components for your Beach Tent are a must these will last for many Summers and ensure your Sunshade doesn’t mark your Sun Shelter canopy. Check that your Beach Tent clips, eyelets and any other small crucial fittings are not chrome or nickel-plated Steel these will eventually break down and rust.

Sand Pegs are an essential tool to set your Beach Tent in sand. The best Beach Tent Sand Pegs are long, sturdy, and made tough so they don’t bend under the weight of your Beach Shade particularly when the sand is hard, or the wind put pressure on the Beach Tent set up structure.

Stability in the wind

A Beach Shelter that can withstand significant winds and particularly wind gusts is indispensable. Some of Australia Beaches can be unforgiving when the wind picks up and a Beach Shelter that can stand up to those gusts is critical.

A system that allows it to be fixed down to the sand at multiple points for extra stability in windy conditions.

Fabric Quality

Any Beach Tent you choose should be made from a strong and durable material.

As discussed above the main factor here is to ensure that the Beach Tent Fabric offers the highest level of Sun Protection available. UV50+ really is the minimum you should be considering for the Australian Beach Climate.

Check that the sun protection fabric can be easily cleaned, and water resistant is always a bonus for those passing beach showers.

Treatments are usually another item to consider with Anti Fade treatments being recommended to ensure that your Sun Shelter, one Summer in doesn’t look like it has been around for a decade or so.

Weight & Portability

The weight and pack downsize of the shade is really important to consider particularly if you are heading off on a well earned beach break and space in the car or luggage is tight.

The best beach sunshade you can easily carry with you down to a beach or even better one that can be carried by a child.

Easy to use – Set up & Pack Down

Whatever Beach Tent you choose make sure it is easy to assemble and pack down.

Wrestling with a Beach Tent set up at the Beach can be frustrating, time consuming and generally all round a highly unenjoyable experience. Equally packing down a Beach Tent needs to be a simple process with Beach Tent easily fitting into is carry bag and original shape

Check the Instructions. Most Sun Shelters have a limited number of steps to follow when assembling Beach Tents. The Beach Tent should have clear, easy to follow instructions – preferably a video that you can watch at the Beach would also help.

Multiple Set Up Options

Whether you are heading to the Beach for the full day or just getting there early or late the Sun is constantly on the move. A Beach Shelter structure that has only one set up option and may not be able to move may mean that you are in the Sun when it shifts across the sky during your Beach Trip.

Style & Look

Although it may seem a little arbitrary when compared to its ability to protect you against the Suns harmful rays – looks do still matter. Choose a design and style that you like something that you like something that you are going to be comfortable with sitting under on your next Beach visit.

You’ve learned a lot about how to choose the best Beach Tent for your needs. What are you waiting for? The summer sun is just around the corner, and there’s no better time than now to start planning your next beach outing!

See you at the Beach.


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