There are many important decisions that business owners have to take on a daily basis that affect the growth of the company. However, due to the amount of data and information involved, it might get overwhelming for them to come to a consensus. 

However, the data that the business generates is vital for the company and needs to be studied and analyzed. Therefore, there are tools for business intelligence in place that analyze this data and help business owners in making informed decisions.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence (BI) is a technology-driven process for evaluating data and delivering meaningful information to managers and employees to help them make better business choices. 

For this, businesses collect data from internal and external IT systems, organize it for analysis, and generate reports Thereafter, they create data visualizations and BI dashboards. This is done to make the analytics results available to business users for strategic planning.

The ultimate objective of business intelligence operations is to help businesses make better decisions. This, in turn, will help them generate revenue, enhance operational efficiency, and gain an advantage over their competitors.

In this article, we will discuss the most popular Java tools for business intelligence.

1. Pentaho BI

Pentaho BI is a Java Enterprise Edition that operates on JBoss. The analytics that this tool allows you to perform truly make it stand out. For example, you can mine massive amounts of data to generate useful analytics that can propel your business ahead. Pentaho BI is the ideal option for you if you want to build a strong reporting capability in your company.

On the other hand, Pentaho BI is best utilized by an IT specialist rather than a business person who is not well-versed in it.

2. Jasper Reports

JasperReports is a well-known utility that can be used with a variety of databases. It also gives excellent data analytics for your company.

Other notable features of Jasper include its user interface, which is extremely user-friendly and has greater documentation than some of the other tools. You won’t have any problem creating reports and dashboards to get a complete perspective of what’s going on in your business at any given time. You can get great insights from that data that can help you grow your business in new ways.

3. Splunk

Splunk stands apart because of its emphasis on embedded technologies. In reality, it is used by every Java web application development company. Businesses that implement Splunk can simply collect data and organize it. 

Many businesses that use Splunk for business intelligence load data into the database at regular times throughout the day. The program then automatically sifts through the data and creates reports.

4. Karmasphere

Karmasphere is a collection of tools that can help you take your business analytics to the next level. It is primarily focused on big data and business intelligence. With this type of analytics on your side, your business will never be the same. Furthermore, the user interface is simple to use. Karmasphere might end up becoming your go-to business intelligence tool.

5. BIRT from Eclipse

The name BIRT stands for “business intelligence and reporting tools,” which is a very simple acronym.

It’s an entirely open-source project and is an important part of Java application development services. A design engine, a chart engine, and a reporting engine are all used by BIRT. Its user interface is simple to navigate, and it can handle all of your data analytics needs.

6. Spago BI

SpagoBI is part of the SpagoWorld open-source effort, which was established by Engineering Group, an Italian IT services business. According to its creators,  SpagoBI is the only “fully open source” business intelligence suite.

The BI suite has 15 components. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Reporting
  • OLAP
  • Data Mining
  • Graphing
  • Dashboards
  • ETL

The latest update of the SpagoBI server offers an interactive dashboard as well as connectivity with various reporting tools.

7. Rapid Miner

This is the most popular open-source data mining and business analytics software. The community edition is available as an open-source download from the website. RapidMiner Server gives you the freedom to run processes on business hardware from anywhere.

8. ART – Reporting Tool

A Reporting Tool (ART) is a free Open Source Business Intelligence solution. It is a web-based query tool and reporting environment that is lightweight and multiplatform. SQL queries can be published quickly too. 

It has capabilities such as tabular, crosstab, charts, scheduling, email notifications, and drill down, among others. The results can be exported to a spreadsheet or pdf, returned to a database table, integrated into a portal-like website, or accessed using a smartphone.

9. Next Reports

The NextReports Designer, NextReports Engine, and NextReports Server are all available from NextReports. NextReports Designer is an AdHoc Query and Reporting application that facilitates the production of easy, quick, and powerful reports on any operating system that supports Java software development services

NextReports Engine is a lightweight java reporting engine that can be used independently or integrated into any application. NextReports Server is a reporting server that automates the creation and distribution of business reports.

10. Mondarin

This is an open-source business analytics engine that enables companies of any size to give data access for interactive analysis to their employees. With Mondrian as your Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) engine, you can create sophisticated Business Intelligence systems that enable multidimensional queries on your business data utilizing the advanced MDX query language.

In Conclusion

You are surrounded by big data, no matter what sort of business you’re in. You will require sophisticated business intelligence tools to evaluate what’s going on in your organization and apply that information to your advantage. 

The Java-based tools mentioned above provide customization and adaptability. Some of these can be licensed commercially, but others, which are more basic, are accessible for free.

You can choose your BI tool that you feel is the best for your business from this list. Otherwise, you can contact our Java development company. We will not only help you in selecting the most suitable tool for you but make sure that you make the most out of it.

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