Have you made a routine about what kind of cosmetics you use for makeup every day? Many girls use makeup but do not make the necessary routines for it. So, resulted in various skincare problems her face. The list of daily make-up should be made in such a way, that it will help maintain your skin ideal. Also, a common question, what do I use as a makeup routine every day? Although I don’t have a special routine for makeup, and I take care of my skin for a while.However, it will not be acceptable to many, because, nowadays girls are so aware of skincare that they create different routines for makeup. This article is written through some basic discussions about makeup routines. Hopefully, you will have a much better experience with makeup routine by reading this article.

Everyday makeup routine

There are many reasons to apply makeup on the skin, one of which is black spots and acne. Makeup is used to cover the black part of the face. But makeup is not the right solution for the skin, you should do something that can completely rid you of this problem. You need to find out why you have acne on your face and many more black spots. If you can find out the cause of the skin problems then you can solve these problems very nicely. The main cause of acne in the skin is excessive oily feeling. Most oily skin is much more sensitive and make a lot of acne.

Those whose skin is much more oily should use oil blotting sheets with their makeup routine. It can absorb oil from the skin very quickly and easily, so the skin is created smooth and radiant. If you can control the oil in your skin, you can easily prevent acne.Although oil can be removed from the skin through soap and face wash, it is confined to the room. But when you spend a lot of time with the outside environment, it will not be possible to wash your face with soap or face wash. Oil blotting paper is more effective than soap and it can be used anywhere. You can use it whenever you feel the oil in your skin.

My list of daily make-up routines includes oil blotting paper which you can easily get from Pleasingcare. As a general makeup, face powder, lip gloss, eyeliner, toner, and pleasingcare blotting paper can be used. I know you shouldn’t use heavy makeup for regular makeup. Heavy makeup is only used at an event or party. However, you can use pleasingcare blotting paper to attend any occasion or presentation. Because it naturally brightens the skin and removes all kinds of black spots.


Last words:

So you don’t have to use anything heavy to do makeup. Make it a habit to use oil blotting paper with your daily make-up routine.  An oil blotting paper can give you a better experience than makeup.

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