How to avoid foggy glasses when wearing a face mask

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Glass fogging is a very common problem faced by people who wear glasses with the mask. UVMask is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their breathing safe from any potential viruses or bacteria. UV Face Mask is a mask that uses ultraviolet light to sterilize air. It has been developed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a mask in protecting consumers from harmful pollutants and viruses that are easily spread.

Here is how to avoid foggy glasses when wearing a face mask?

Use a nose clip:

There are lots of people who face the problem of fogging while wearing a mask. It can happen because your mask is not properly fit your nose. If you want to find the right mask then choose one that has an adjustable nose clip.

Once you have a mask with an adjustable nose clip, pinch the nose clip to tight the mask over the bridge of your nose so that there will not be any gap to pass air. When you fit your mask to your nose bridge it will help you to keep puffs of your warm breath to create fogging of your lenses.

Wash with soapy water:

This is one of the most common methods used by healthcare staff. It’s a simple method, all you need is just mild detergent or liquid soap. Well, before you wear your specs, wash them properly with soapy water or with mild detergent, and just let them dry for some time. After you dry your specs just clean them with a clean low-lint cloth. The main reason for cleaning your specs with soapy water is after you clean your specs with a cloth it will put a thin layer of transparent coating of soap molecules on your glasses that can help in the prevention of foggy glasses.

Spritz with antifog lens spray:

There are different varieties of antifog sprays are available in the market that can provide a transparent see-through coating to your glasses that keeps away the fog from forming. These sprays are formulated for the use of glasses, swim goggles, and diving masks. Just remember to get a good brand spray that will not damage the protective coating of your glasses. Also, these sprays are intended for use close to your eyes or skin.

Tuck in your mask:

This method does not need any additional objects, just your mask and glasses are sufficient. This method is used by many doctors and healthcare staff and it is an effective method. You need to do is to wear the mask properly so that it can cover your nose, face, and chin. Now wear your glasses and slide them down to your nose, so that sufficient air can flow between your glasses and the mask, also you can wear your glasses over the top of your mask. If your glasses can fit with your mask and do not show any air gap then it can prevent your glasses from fogging.

Secure your mask with skin-safe tape:

If you do not get success from the above methods that you can skin-safe adhesive tape that will keep your mask fitted to your face and it will close the air gap from your nose bridge.

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