A unique creation of cave nature. Movable property. There is a similar cave in Phirphire of Shuklagandaki Municipality-12 of Tanahu district where there are figures of gods and goddesses. Hundreds of goats live there. Interestingly, there is a waterfall inside the cave.

In 2000, tourism experts named the cave ‘Millennium Cave’. At the same time, the ‘Millennium Footpath’ from Dulegonda on the Prithvi Highway to Syangja was started. There is no need to walk now, the motor road is open everywhere.
In fact, the Phirphire area has many things, including the Millennium Cave and the ruins of an old palace. There are ruins of the Thakuri dynasty’s palace, Rani Kuwa, Tundikhel, prison, Taksar, Chowki and other heritages of the 24th reign.

The village is also suitable for mountain beauty. Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Machhapuchhe and Lamjung mountains can be seen from here.

This place is rich in culture and history, where the fragrance of Gurung lifestyle and culture wafts.

Annapurna mountain range
Phirphire can be reached by observing the Rock Garden and visiting Dhorbarah. There are three community homestays in Phirphire area. There are 25 beds in 10 houses of Dhor Lama village, which has been operating since 2074 BS. Similarly, there is a facility to accommodate guests in 11 houses of Millennium Community Homestay and 8 houses of Gharedi Community Homestay.

Each house has two beds. Homestay costs Rs 900 for dinner, bed and breakfast.
Gurung girl
According to the demand of the guests, the villagers dance in Salaijo and Zhaure Vaka.

Seasonal vegetables, fruits, cinnamon, beans, bodi and local wines are the staples of the region.

It is suitable for studying and observing the amazing caves, mountains and Gurung culture. So when the lockdown opens, let’s go for a walk!

Chamera in the cave
How to reach
Dulegonda 176 km via Kathmandu-Damauli, 5 hours by bus. Or Kathmandu-Pokhara flight, 25 minutes. Pokhara-Dulegonda 26 km. Millennium Cave 21 km from Dulegonda.

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