Nepal is a small nation with GDP of $19 billion however We regularly hear individuals in Nepal saying “Government here is poor not the general population”. Numerous Nepalese have made their fortune by traveling to another country and putting resources into a few businesses. Truth be told, the vast majority of the general population here have now taken citizenship of the remote nation. We have rattled off a portion of the wealthiest individuals who are as of now Nepali and some have effectively tossed Nepali citizenship for the remote nation.

1) Binod Chaudhary:

Binod Chaudhary richest person in Nepal with total assets over $1 billion. He came into the spotlight in the wake of getting recorded in Forbes list in 2013. He is authoritatively the initial tycoon from Nepal. He is the CEO of CG Group of Nepal. Wai wai is the most well-known result of CG. He runs a blog to share his encounters and furthermore have distributed his life account.

2) Upendra Mahato:

Upendra Mahato is another richest businessman from Nepal based on Russia. He is a former president of Non-Resident Nepali. His net worth is estimated between $250 million to $1 billion. He has invested in sectors like heavy types of machinery, real estate and also in Ncell and Sanima bank of Nepal. He also owns a famous TV factory in Russia.

3) Shesh Ghale & Jamuna Gurung:

Shesh Ghale and Jamuna Gurung are two duos from Lamjung, Nepal. They are CEO and MD of famous Melbourne Institue of Technology located at Melbourne Australia. Shesh Ghale is ranked 166th richest people of Australia and Jamuna Gurung is ranked 11th richest women of Australia. Their total net worth is over $265 million.

4) Aditya Jha:

Aditya Jha is a software engineer in Canada. He is of Nepali origin. He runs his own software company in Canada. He is also involving in Nepal with one laptop one child project. His net worth is more than $100 million.

5) Balaram Chainraj:

Balaram Chainrai is HongKong based businessman. He is the former owner of Portsmouth Football Club. He works with the real estate and electronics sector. His net worth is near to a hundred million dollars.

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