Following the latest SEO checklist of 2021-2022 can help you grow your website blog traffic from zero to thousands or may be millions! Read on below to learn more! 

Google’s algorithm for search result page ranking is continually developing and evolving. In such a competitive and unstable scenario; not doing things right can hold your success back.

So, what’s your SEO strategy for 2021-2022?

To make sure all your SEO strategies are working fine and delivering expected results; hiring a professional and specialized SEO Company in Mumbai is a must. Professional SEO experts ensure all your pages, content, keywords, and links to be correctly optimized for the best possible search engine rankings.

However, alongside that, you, being the website owner must have a basic understanding of the latest SEO practices, how they are being applied to different campaigns, and how they can benefit your company. Knowing the SEO Services in Delhi methods can also help you choose the best SEO firm in your city. 

Major Areas To Be Focused On With A SEO Campaign 

  • Pertinent Keyword Choice
  • Identifying User Intent
  • Satisfying User Intent
  • Enhanced UX 
  • Customizing Calls To Action

Outlining A Comprehensive SEO Agenda For Upcoming Year

From the SEO basics to the advanced technical SEOs and on-page optimization strategies; signals, let’s check out the must-have SEO practices for 2021-2022, followed by the best SEO Company In Mumbai. Adhering to these best practices of SEO can ensure your site has higher ranks while augmenting your sale, conversion, click-through rates, traffic, and ROI. 

  1. Start With SEO Fundamentals 

First, let’s learn about SEO Basics. Here’s what we need to cover under this segment:

  • Develop & submit a detailed sitemap
  • Identify search engines and other sites that are sending traffic 
  • Install trusted SEO Plugins to optimize your site 
  • Mount Google Search Console
  • Take help of Google Analytics
  • Optimizing Technical SEO

Technical SEO can make or break your search engine rankings. Luckily, optimizing and maintaining technical SEO isn’t much tough, especially if you follow the below-given checklists: 

  • Rebuild your website structure
  • Make your site crawlable & indexable
  • Rely on HTTPS
  • Make your site domain accessible
  • Focus on page loading speed
  • Optimize your site for mobile browsers
  • Leverage on voice search trends 
  • Install image-compression plugin
  • Check on broken pages & links
  • Eradicate duplicate content
  • Maximize Your Keyword Research

Keyword Research holds the foundation of every successful SEO campaign. This segment covers identifying the best keywords for your content and how to use them for higher rankings. 

  • Access users’ search intent to define suitable keywords 
  • Evaluate your ranking potential with different keywords
  • Choose primary keywords very carefully
  • Rightly place secondary keywords 
  • Focus On Quality Content

Content is the King & its quality is the kingmaker. Thus always focus on improving the quality of your content, following tactics like: 

  • Address visitors’ concerns through targeted posts
  • Make your intro always compelling
  • Use convincing headlines & subheadings to maintain hierarchy 
  • Post high-resolution images to break paras
  • Use short sentences and paragraphs 
  • Use internal & external links throughout the content
  • On-Page SEO Optimization

Now it’s time for your on-page SEO optimization. The best and verified on-page SEO techniques are:

  • Keep your website URL short & descriptive 
  • Use a captivating title tag 
  • Always use meta tags to compel your visitors 
  • Have resource links from reliable sites  
  • Post optimized images 
  • Add internal links 
  • Have A Definite Link Building Strategy

Link building is the key to SEO. According to Google, backlinks are one of the top three ranking factors for search engines. And you can achieve this by:

  • Identify and fix the dead, broken, or lost links
  • Check on your competitors’ backlinks & replicate the best ones
  • Create and rightly distribute infographics
  • Publish strategic guest posts or blogs
  • Develop link building rodeos
  • Track the status of your backlinks at regular intervals
  • Create useful and engaging content with distributed internal links 

To maximize the success of your SEO campaign, join forces with any of the best SEO agency in dubai. It will assure you 100% satisfactory results, within shortest span of time. 

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