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A set of successful outcomes underpins all outstanding business relationships. No business can function entirely on its own, especially when it comes to technology and development. There are thousands of technology partners for startups to choose from. But how can you know which firm is the right one for you? Here are a few things you should ensure before choosing a partner. 


Picking The Right Technology Partner For Startups:


  1. Check their track record:

What is more important – measurable real-world results or the sales pitch? While looking at various technology partners, make sure you ask for evidence in the form of facts and documented success stories from reputed clients.


  1. Check customer testimonials, don’t just take their word for it:

Go through your potential partner’s website and read their customer testimonials. You can also ask them for the contact details of someone they have directly worked with. If they refuse to do so, you need to think about whether or not you wish to work with them.


  1. Do check their history:

It is important to know how long tech firms have been in the business and how long they have stayed with their consumers and employees. Loyalty, devotion and ethical behaviour all contribute to higher retention.


  1. Check their support model:

A credible tech partner will have a dedicated support team and will be able to offer you a range of support options including calling, email, webchats etc. See how well their availability fits with your working hours and is convenient for your business operations.


  1. Be careful about the initial discussions:

While selecting the right technology partner for startups, it is important that the initial discussions be about the outcomes, productivity and process improvement instead of IT. Your partner must be thoroughly aware of your industry, target audience and have the tools to help you grow. They must also be able to define how the success of what they have proposed to you will be measured. 


  1. Get a clear picture:

The promise given to you by your tech partner defines the future of your business. Therefore, make it a point to get a clear picture of what will happen after you go live and have no doubts about that. 


  1. Look at the partner’s business culture:

It is really important to be certain that your potential partner’s people work well with yours. Your business culture must align with theirs.


  1. Don’t underestimate the impacts of conflicting cultures:

What will happen if your partner’s business culture does not align with yours? It will lead to conflicts, disappointment, miscommunication and frustration. So, never overlook or undervalue it. 


  1. Plan for the future:

A great technology partner for startups will always follow a solution-focused approach rather than product-focused. This allows them to offer alternatives for the changing needs of your startup. They must be able to keep up with the pace of your ever-evolving business.


Choosing the right tech partner allows the leaders of startups to focus on other areas like business development, refining the products/services, planning for expansion and other important aspects. Not only this, but they can also commit to funding venture capital for tech startups where they can acquire equity stakes. It also leaves your in-house teams with more time to take up more impactful roles.


At certain points in your startup journey, something will inevitably go wrong. But if you choose the right tech partner, they will always have your back, will be with you and solve your problems. So make sure that you choose the partner you can trust. A great technology partner is the building block of every successful business, so make the right choice. 

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