A healthy lifestyle that consists of a nutritious diet, exercise or yoga, and enough sleep keeps you recharged enough to function in everyday tasks. But athletes and fitness enthusiasts want to shape their bodies to execute daily tasks at peak performance levels. This makes them push themselves more and pair their workout regime with relevant supplements to boost their performance.

Supplements provide additional calories eliminated from their diets, gain weight, increase muscle mass, and achieve superior strength. Supplements come in different forms, preferably a pill, capsule, or tablet, or liquid, in the form of dietary supplements.

The Future of Dietary Supplements 

Interestingly, the dietary supplement market is expected to grow CAGR ~20% from 2015 to 2023. In urban India, higher-income groups are the primary consumers of dietary supplements, and the number of users is expected to grow considerably.

Although supplements can be appreciated for their positive benefits, there are many dupes or fake products in the market that are unhelpful, unhealthy, and hazardous to one’s health.

List Of The Most Effective Supplements In Market

Many exercises and athletic-performance dietary supplements in the marketplace contain multiple ingredients, especially those marketed for muscle growth and strength. 

Therefore, to help you out figure out the best from over hundreds of brands, here are some beneficiary supplements, listed below:

  1.     Creatine:

Creatine is a natural substance that transforms into creatine phosphate inside the body. This, in turn, helps to form adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides you with muscle contractions. Creatine also comes from protein-rich foods.

Creatine also helps improve strength and muscle mass. This muscle boosting supplement helps athletes gain blazing speed, especially during short bouts of high-intensity activities such as weight lifting. It also helps you to revive efficiently during exercise.

  1.     Betaine:

You will find betaine in beets, spinach, and whole-grain bread. It boosts creatine production, cellular water retention, and blood nitric acid levels. Many athletes believe that it is beneficial towards strength and power-based performance. To date, you will find no side effects of betaine.

  1.     Iron:

Health benefits of iron Include a decrease in heart rate, lower lactate levels during exercise, and a boost In uptake of oxygen level. In addition, iron supplements can be helpful when people find it challenging to include iron in their diet when people find it difficult to include iron in their diet. Iron helps preserve many vital functions in the body, including the immune system and general energy levels.

Iron supplements particularly benefit long-distance runners. Adequate iron intake provides the necessary oxygen for muscle contractions, and endurance and repairs affected tissues. However, more than 45 mg/day has negative side effects: constipation, gastric problems, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and fainting.

  1.     Glutamine:

It is an amino acid that the human body uses to produce energy. Glutamine makes protein for muscle tissue, supports the cells in the immune system, and helps detoxify the liver from foreign substances. It is necessary to maintain muscle protein and burn fats. Studies show when supplementing with glutamine, athletes had less muscle soreness and increased strength percentage. It also helps in fighting fatigue and improves exercise recovery.

  1.     Protein:

Protein intake is vital in sports and athletic performances as it can boost glycogen storage, promote muscle repair and reduce muscle soreness. Conveniently, protein foods that contain lower fat levels are consumed for effective results.

Protein and other nutrients work together to increase muscle mass and provide an efficient source of energy for exercise. However, it must be noted that high protein intake can increase calorie intake, which will lead to weight gain. Therefore, athletes are generally advised to take slightly higher protein levels than what the general population consumes.

  1.     Caffeine:

Caffeine is a substance that is powerful. Caffeine has the power to improve mental and physical performance. It activates certain areas of the brain and improves focus while reducing tiredness.

It can also increase the body’s ability to burn fat via lipolysis or the breaking down of fat cells. In addition, caffeine may impact the motor cortex, the part of the brain that signals muscle activation and mobilizes fat stores by using fat as the primary fuel source.

Caffeine is one of the best energy drinks is a go-to supplement for most athletes due to its improved physical and mental activity benefits enabling them to practice or work out for longer hours before fatigue kicks in.

  1.     Multivitamins:

Multivitamins provide one’s body with the essential vitamins and nutrients to perform effectively and efficiently. As a result, multivitamins not only help with the strengthening of bones but also cause bone growth.

They also help toughen the ligament, which leads to the athletic grip of the joints. It provides the muscles with improved energy levels. It works with iron to produce more hemoglobin, which is an essential element in oxygen transportation.

A daily dose of multivitamins and energy supplements will repair the muscles faster and boost overall performance, and one can also perform tasks such as weight lifting. They also bolster the immune system, repair cellular damage and convert food into energy.


Though the supplements mentioned above provide numerous health benefits, they come with a certain amount of disadvantages. For instance, creatine causes stomach aches, muscle cramps, diarrhea, and temporary weight gain. In addition, an overdose in protein intake can result in loss of appetite, fatigue, and headaches.

Vitamins and minerals occupy a larger share in the Indian dietary supplements market – 40% – followed by the herbal segment contributing 30%, proteins segment contributing 25%, and other segments contributing around 5% of the total market.

The side effects of glutamine are more threatening than the rest, including mania, seizures, cirrhosis, and other dangerous conditions. Caffeine can cause restlessness, nausea, stomach irritation, insomnia, and other problems causing sleep disorders and anxiety at higher doses. Fast&Up is one of the best energy supplements Canada.

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