Boise Mammogram

Your doctor has suggested you go for a mammogram screening in Boise, and you are already panicking? Are you worried about the negative impact of a Boise mammogram on your health? Well, the doctor wouldn’t suggest it then.

What is a Boise Mammogram

A friend of yours has said that your body is exposed to too much radiation in the process, and you have started hesitating. If this is the case, it is high time to get rid of such myths. Mentioned below are the most common myths you often get to hear about mammogram screenings: 

Not at A Higher Risk of Breast Cancer? Don’t go For mammograms.

You are not experiencing any symptoms, and also, you are not at a higher risk. Plus, no one in your family has faced any such issues, so you decide not to go for it. If this is the scenario, you are doing it wrong. Breast cancer is often seen in women who are not at a higher risk and considering the increasing number of cases; it is crucial to get rid of this myth. 

The Process Uses Radiation And Is Harmful

Yes, mammogram screening does use radiation, but it is within the medical guidelines. If you believe that it uses too much radiation, which can do you more bad than good, you are just putting your faith in a myth. To your relief, the process uses only a small amount of radiation, and it is completely safe for you. 

3-D mammograms and traditional mammograms are all the same

NO! Both are different from each other. When it comes to 3-D mammograms, it is the latest screening methodology. It is much more advanced compared to the traditional method. 3-D mammograms produce more images of the breast and are much more proficient in detecting breast cancer. 

With the rising number of breast cancers among women, it is time to take steps toward saving lives from this dangerous ailment. The first important step is to stop falling prey to the myths mentioned above.

These myths can make you confused, and as you hesitate to take the step, the delays can lead to the loss of lives, which could have been saved if the right step had been taken at the right time.

Come on now, let’s try dealing with breast cancer by making people aware of the facts and urging them to avoid myths. 

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