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Many cultures and traditions center on food for celebrations. However, it can be triggering and uncomfortable for someone who just underwent surgery for weight loss in Long Island

. Instead of celebrating their progress with food as the main delight, we can look for creative ways to honor such achievements. Milestones are necessary to see medical progress and personal achievement. To mark these events, we can use various mediums such as art and sports. This blog presents some creative and thoughtful ways to celebrate your personal and medical milestones after your bariatric surgery at facilities like Li Obesity

Celebrating Weight Loss in Long Island

This article offers a diverse collection of activities you can do to honor your achieved goals. You can choose any of the following ideas depending on your personal preference and your budget. 

Non- Food Ideas 

Physical Activities

If you find yourself interested in the world of fitness, you can call your friends and family over for a quick game of paintball. If you want the same experience but less mess, you can opt for laser tag. Long Island also offers many opportunities and fun activities like go-karting and batting cages. Not exciting enough? Try snorkeling and diving near the beach line. You can tour beautiful landscapes and ocean aesthetics at Coral Gardens, Eagle Ray Reef, and Newtons Cay. There are more options if you’re looking for something simpler and non-food-related. If you don’t want to mark your milestone, eating salsa doesn’t mean you can’t dance salsa! 

You can volunteer and conduct support groups for other members who are struggling with their weight loss journey.  


Memory Boards and Crafts 

Create a picture book from your time before obesity surgery till the date of the milestone. You should even add a picture with your surgeon to commemorate your journey. It is a sentimental gesture to add your progress and your surgeon because they have assisted you throughout your weight loss program. 

You can have a picnic and a paint day at Old Westbury Gardens or plant a tree at Coe Hall and the Planting Fields. Take pictures throughout the day and add them to your vision board.  


Classic Day Outs 

Take time out of your busy schedule to take your loved one or yourself to a spa, for a movie, or to the arcade. Drive to Coney Island to enjoy some fun rides. Go to Long Island’s famous whale watching spots or even game farms. 

Food Related Ideas 

One-Dish Party 

You can call over your loved ones for a one collective, healthy food fest. You can provide the group with the list of ingredients and foods recommended to you by your doctor. Each one can create a dish out of these ingredients and bring it to the party. You can even add in a gift for the best recipe of the day. 


Hire a Chef 

Have a special dinner to mark your personal and medical milestones. You can ask your chef to customize the menu for you according to your diet plan constructed after obesity surgery


Now that we have discussed different ways to commemorate weight loss milestones in Long Island, let’s check out some common questions. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How do you celebrate weight loss milestones?

You have many ways to honor personal and medical goals. Here are some ideas:

  • game of paintball
  • Laser tag
  • Go-karting
  • Batting cages 
  • Snorkeling 
  • Planting a tree
  • Dancing classes 
  • Spa day 
  • Private chef and dinner
  • Vision board 
  • Volunteer or conduct a support group 
  • Picnic or a painting day

You can splurge on something you like, be it a gym membership, a new custom journal, a bike, or even a dress. 


  1. What is the best weight-loss surgery?

Gastric bypass and gastric banding are the most popular weight-loss surgeries. They have less probability of complications and high success rates. Gastric banding remains reversible throughout your lifetime. Gastric bypass does not necessarily require any revision surgery. The recovery time is a day or two for most patients. You can reduce up to 35% to 45% of excess weight. 

2.   How can I get help with weight loss surgery?

You can consult your doctor and your family for any emotional or moral support you need. You can join support groups for more insight into the journey and be confident in your decision to undergo the weight loss surgery. You will get any help you need concerning the procedure from your surgeon, peers, and friends.

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