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A metal lunch box refers to a hand-held container used to transport food, usually to work or to school. It is commonly made of metal, including tin plate, aluminum, or stainless steel, it is reasonably airtight and often has a handle for carrying. It has most often been used by schoolchildren to take packed lunches, or a snack, from home to school. The most common model is a small case with a clasp and handle, often printed with a colorful image that can either be generic or based on children’s television shows, cartoons, or films.

Unlike plastic containers, metal lunch boxes are meant to be used for years. They are durable and do not stain, exert any odors, or wear out as opposed to plastic. Using the metal lunch box will help you reduce the harm it can cause to your body by plastic. The metal lunch box is entirely free of BPA and other toxins, and they are easier to clean and don’t exhibit bacteria in the scratches.

FLY metal lunch boxes including tin lunch box, aluminum lunch box, and stainless steel lunch box. We have multiple metal lunch boxes in different sizes and shapes. We offer these lunch boxes bulk and wholesale in China. We’d like to provide competitive prices, nice quality, and sales directly to all the customers.

Metal lunch box for kids

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