A spacious wide hallway is a complete exception to the rule. These are found only in modern new buildings, created according to an individual project. And in most cases, the corridor is small: you can’t accelerate in it and put everything that you usually want to see in the hallway. It is even more difficult to organize the interior of a narrow hallway in a modern style. Some manage to organize redevelopment and successfully resolve the issue. But today we are talking about cramped, narrow hallways, which in practice are very difficult to arrange beautifully or somehow in an original way. But you can still. And we will tell you how to do it.

Narrow hallway design 2020: starting with the correct layout

The design of a narrow and long hallway requires attention to detail. We have to make the room functional, put the most necessary furniture, but not clutter up the corridor, visually expand the hallway. You may have to choose smaller cabinets or even prefer narrow, neat pencil cases for the hallway, but pay more attention to other important details. Therefore, first, on paper or in an online planner, we make a drawing and try to arrange the furniture first on the drawing. And only after we decide what, where and how it will stand, what design elements we decide to use and other little things, do we move on to translating the project into practice.

General recommendations

For a narrow corridor, even at the stage of renovation, it is undesirable to choose voluminous materials and dark colors. The general style in the design of the hallway should continue the design of the rest of the rooms. Doors from the corridor to other rooms are made either sliding to save space, or removed completely. If you cannot do without doors, it is important that they do not open towards each other.

Small hallway: how to decorate to make it seem more space?

In a narrow hallway, white brick house design assumes a visual expansion of the space. Look at the photo in the apartment: designers are trying to lay tiles or laminate across or diagonally – this helps to make the corridor a little wider. In a similar way, the technique works with the design of the skirting boards exactly in the tone of the floor. At the same time, adjacent walls are pasted over with different wallpapers, but in a similar color palette. And a long-recognized technique is to use large mirrors on one of the walls. But here it is important to understand that if you occupy the entire long wall with a mirror, it will make the narrow hallway even longer. Experiment with lighting. Let there be several light sources in the corridor: cabinet lighting, lighting along the perimeter of the floor, lighting of the ceiling along the contour instead of one lamp on the ceiling, as we are all used to.

What to do with the corridor in Khrushchev?

With a narrow hallway in Khrushchev, there is another feature – the room is usually corner. For a corridor of this shape, you will have to put either a corner hallway, or try to furnish it with pencil cases or corner shelves. At the same time, it is important that all design and furniture elements form a single ensemble.

5 ideas for decorating a stylish hallway

The concept of minimalism allows you to abandon unnecessary furniture. What remains is a narrow pencil case, a minimum of jewelry, a laconic bench, a housekeeper on the wall – and that’s all. Most often, such a corridor is decorated in light pastel colors; bulky decor or dark colors are not allowed. Art Nouveau style implies the use of modern materials: plastic, eco-veneer, cube side table etc. Monochrome surfaces without prints look good. Instead, you can focus on textiles: carpets with geometric patterns, for example. The Scandinavian style requires the use of a white shade as a base, which complemented cold shades with a dotted addition of saturated shades. Wicker items allowed as decor, for example, baskets for small items or shelves for accessories. Marine style is one of the brightest for decorating a narrow hallway. Blue or turquoise shades prevail here, original decor elements welcomed: hooks in the form of an anchor. key holders in the form of a steering wheel, etc. Country in a narrow corridor allows the use of bright colors and vintage furniture. If you have a chest of drawers, originally from the 60s, and you did not know where to put it. The country style will help to arrange it beautifully in the hallway. However, this style cannot do without light wallpapers and abstract patterns. Whichever style you choose, try to make room for your shoes and outerwear in the hallway. Otherwise you will have to deal with the incessant clutter. We hope these tips will help you make a narrow hallway stylish, practical and truly functional!

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