Based on the weights of the coil, Bradbury offers a choice of Upenders and Coil Tippers. If you use pallets to transport or store your coils, these are a terrific addition to any line. For a seamless transfer to your uncoiler, we now provide a Coil Car Upender that doubles as a coil car. Click “Contact Us” below to speak with a product specialist about price and weight capacities. Coil Tippers and Upenders can be retrofitted for your current line or delivered to a new line this is particularly designed for your use.

coil upender and Coil Down Enders are two types of coil upenders and coil down enders.

Green Valley is a leading coil upender manufacturer in the United States. Coil upenders, also known as coil tilters or coil positioners, are machines that lift coils from their palletized position and place them upright. Upenders are the safest and most effective technique to get the coil from horizontal to vertical and ready to use. A good coil upender will make the perilous job of physically tilting the coil or using overhead cranes much easier. Our upender and downender line ups can safely position any heavy load and are used for a variety of applications including tilting paper rolls, plastic film, rotating press moulds and dies, and more.

There are capacities up to 200 tonnes available, as well as a number of configurations.

Mechanical upenders are available in a variety of common configurations or can be custom built to meet your specific needs.

A 3/4 round-shaped cradle sits on four machined steel rollers in mechanical upenders. The ability to rotate is provided by an electric-powered gear motor driving a single or twin chain sprocket.

Features that come as standard

  • The capacity of a standard upender ranges from 3,000 to 100,000 pounds.
  • Welded steel construction with reinforcements.
  • The bottom plate is made entirely of steel.

A custom radio system, a custom deck cover, custom wheels, custom handles, and much more can be included in your new automobile accessories. So you’re thinking that your new hand-held pendant accessory is the only item you’ll need to buy. Wrong. A Coil Upender is what you’ve been looking for if you need something to make changing your oil or other fluids in your vehicle a little easier.

In addition, there are a few things you should be aware of with these fantastic coil tippers and accessories. The first is that there are a variety of coil zipper versions available nowadays. You’ll want to look into each model and see which one best suits your requirements. You can reach out to us right now to find out which model we recommend for you.

If you’re thinking about buying a coil upender or a coil tipper because you need a way to move heavy equipment around your garage or service your cars, you should check into the many varieties of hand-held roller conveyors. While this machine is not strictly an upender, it can be converted into one by purchasing and installing a new motor on the top. Larger objects, such as rolls of paper, can now be readily turned through your garage or service area.

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