The common belief is that eating food heated or cooked in the microwave is harmful. There is a risk of cancer when eaten cooked in this way. Is this true or just a rumor? Is it really harmful to eat hot food in the microwave?

Nutritionists say it’s just a fluke. That is, the notion that eating food cooked in the microwave causes cancer is wrong. So it is advisable to eat food heated and cooked in it?

Nutritionists say, ‘There are certain types of radiation that have different levels of energy. For example, X-rays contain a lot of energy, which is capable of breaking down DNA. This is called ionizing radiation, which contains elements that increase the risk of cancer. However, there is no such negative energy in the microwave. According to nutritionists, cooking in the microwave is a safe option.

There is no radioactive substance in the food

According to nutritionists, microwaves contain radioactive microwaves, which help to heat food. This does not mean that it causes radioactive waves in the food. When cooking in the microwave, the vibration of the tiny droplets of water in the food changes the temperature and makes the food hot.

The benefits of cooking in the microwave

It is beneficial to cook food in the microwave. Because it does not destroy any protons or electrons when cooked or heated. Also, it does not destroy DNA. It takes very little time to cook so it keeps the nutrients of the food safe. Food is prepared quickly by absorbing the temperature during cooking.


  • Let’s use glass utensils when heating food in the microwave.
  • When heating food in the microwave, stir the food from time to time so that the food does not get too hot and sticky. Or heat the food evenly.

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