Humans are visual animals. They feed on visual content, and the biggest example of that is the 1.074 billion active users on the most visually appealing platform on the internet: Instagram.

It calls for many visual marketing opportunities for brands and extracts maximum benefits. Not just that, Instagram has become the ultimate hub for consumers to explore new brands and products.

If you are a Shopify shop owner, we have something advantageous for you, the all-new Shopify Instagram Shop! 

Shopify Instagram Shop helps brands to bring all the visual benefits Instagram offers to their Shopify websites. 

Keep reading to understand the concept better.

What Is Shopify Shoppable Instagram?

When you collect content from Instagram and curate a visual gallery equipped with your products’ pictures, embed it on your Shopify eCommerce website. Also, tag the products as shoppable; it becomes Shopify Shoppable Instagram.

The idea is to provide a seamless shopping experience for the consumers on Shopify. Visitors no longer have to go through the entire website. They can explore the Shopify Store’s products through the Shoppable Instagram feed on Shopify, and if they wish to buy, they can click on the product tag that’ll direct them to the purchase page.

This procedure is smooth and gives such a fresh experience to the visitors that they keep coming back to make multiple purchases. 

Aren’t you feeling intrigued to know more about how Shopify Shoppable Instagram can drive brand sales and conversions?

Let’s explore more.

How Shopify Shoppable Instagram Can Drive Brand Sales & Conversions

Enhance Customer Engagement

We all know how much internet users love Instagram. We have even found ourselves scrolling through the app and engaging with the luring content it offers. Imagine the kind of benefits it would bring to your Shopify Store if you leverage Instagram’s content to it.

Shopify Shoppable Instagram enables Shopify stores to do so by embedding Instagram galleries to their website, available for each visitor to explore and engage. 

It will help you increase your website’s dwell time as visitors would want to stay longer to explore these galleries, decrease bounce rates and improve their website experience so that they keep coming back.

Build Trust With Captivating UGC

If you don’t know the benefits of user-generated content, then allow us to introduce it to you first. UGC is the perfect trust-building essence for every brand and marketer that has managed to increase brands’ conversions like no other strategy. 

UGC is the best thing a brand can offer to a consumer as it acts as a real-life experience for consumers coming from their peers, something they identify with more than any other branded content. 

When you provide UGC collected from Instagram to your Shopify store visitors in the form of Shopify Shoppable Instagram, it brings in endless benefits. It provides captivating visuals and helps your visitors trust your brand, leading them to make purchases with you.

Create Friction Free Shopping Experience

The promising benefits of Shopify Shoppable Instagram don’t just stop here. Your Shopify store visitors can explore your products with Shoppable Instagram and make purchases without going through the entire website. 

The Shopify Shoppable Instagram comes with clickable shoppable tags. Your website visitors can click on them and directly reach the purchase page, and with seamless mobile payment options, online shopping has become a quick process.

Shopify Shoppable Instagram has decreased the cart abandonment rate as visitors no longer have to go through the entire website or fill lengthy payment detail forms, improving your brand’s conversion rate.

Optimize Your Instagram & Website

It is important to optimize your Instagram business account and make it branded. That’s because when you introduce Shoppable Instagram to your website, it is likely to receive your website visitors on your Instagram.

Start by putting your brand’s logo as your Instagram profile picture to make it recognizable to potential customers and put a good and long-lasting impression on them by posting relevant content and sticking to a theme. 

The best part is that each time you post on your Instagram business account, it updates the Shopify Shoppable Instagram, automatically. It keeps your website fresh and giving something new to your Shopify store visitors each time they visit.

Shopping Along With Socializing

The entire world is coming on social media; the billions of monthly active users can prove that. In that case, when you create Shopify Shoppable Instagram for Instagram, you are automatically putting out your social presence in front of your website visitors. 

You need to choose the correct keywords and hashtags for your product or brand. It makes it is easy for your target audience to reach you and your website while looking for brands similar to yours.

Shopify Shoppable Instagram enables seamless product discovery and better growth and conversions for brands on Shopify.

Over To You

Now that we have reached the end of this blog, we hope that you have a thorough understanding of the topic: Shopify Shoppable Instagram. 

This seamless yet captivating strategy can boost sales, increase engagement and improve your website’s dwell time like no other strategy. 

With so many benefits, what’s stopping you from trying it out for your Shopify shop?  

Author Bio- I’m Jack Roger, and I’m a technical writer. I am passionate about researching meaningful content and also putting it into words, such as innovation, technology, UGC Platform, and digital marketing trends.

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