A wedding is a significant occasion that everyone wants to make memorable. From outfits to decor, everything should be pitch-perfect. But we often ignore the lucky flowers that we can have at our wedding. Yes, we go with the regular flower arrangement that makes the decor boring and usual. We also look for FlowerAura flower delivery in Delhi; we run from shop to shop or look for portals but fail to get the right portal that offers an immense variety of flowers, making our wedding a remarkable affair. You know, it was believed that strongly scented flowers ward off evil spirits. Now that you are here, you will learn about some beautiful blooms that you can consider adding to your wedding. These blooms will notch up your celebration and leave a lasting impression on people. Flowers tend to make you look wealthy. The floral arrangement for a wedding is not an easy task because these delicate blooms need dedication, and not every flower is created for every occasion. Sometimes, we want a soft pink wedding, but which pale pink flowers we can use, we lack the knowledge about that and therefore, if you’re going to add something extra to make your event look exquisite, you should definitely go through this blog. Under this, you will know about some fantastic blooms that you can either or bride can carry them walking down the aisle. So, let us have a look at the lovely flowers we think will fit your wedding arrangements.


Even before the internet, peonies were famous in China and Korea. They were also sewn with the bride’s dress, and these beautiful bunches are believed to bring wealth, prosperity and good luck to the newlywed. They are also decorated as the centrepiece in the wedding, believing that this will bring marital happiness.


Rosemary is a beautiful herb that many Czech bridesmaids wear in their hair, representing remembrance and fertility. This lovely herb is also used to make boutonniere and is a part of ceremonies taking place. In marital life also, this herb is said to play an important role. So, Rosemary is another herb to rely on.


No doubt, Lily is a beautiful flower that elevates the look of the wedding. But few only know that this beautiful flower is used to tie the hands of the couple together during the ceremony in Polynesian wedding, believing that this bloom wards off the evil spirits and brings the positive ones to bless the couple.


Roses symbolise love and fertility, and for many years, roses have been a significant part of weddings. In Greece, along with rice, rose petals are thrown at the married couple as they take the third round and get ultimately married. Also, it represents love; therefore, roses in many countries are part of the ceremony. 

Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the valley is a beautiful flower believed to have grown out of the tears of Mary during the crucifixion and is a staple of Catholic weddings. This flower is considered to return happiness, symbolising purity. Lily of the valley is a traditional wedding flower carried by Kate Middleton on her wedding day. Also, this flower is identified with the goddess of spring and fertility, Ostara.

Orange Blooms

Do you know – Queen Victoria wore a crown made of orange blooms in 1840 at her wedding. Yes, in many cultures like Chinese, Indian, European, it is considered the sign of purity and fertility; hence it is adorned in weddings, and people love to enjoy the appearance of orange flowers. If a contest is held about the luckiest flower, then for sure, the orange bloom would be at the top of the list.


Lavender tends to soothe anxiety as people believe in its aromatherapy. You would commonly find this beautiful bloom in Irish weddings, brides carrying this traditional herb representing devotion they have. Lavender is another aromatic herb you would find at weddings, and you would love to add one to yours.


Jasmine is a heavily scented flower that is quite common in Hawaii and Indian weddings. In Hawaii weddings, this garland is used by brides and in Indian weddings, female wedding guests are given this beautiful bunch of flowers to wear around the wrist on in the hair, around the bun that makes them look more attractive, and they keep them fresh all the time.

These are some of the blooms that would look best in the bride’s hand or bridesmaids can carry it. Also, having these extraordinary flower arrangements will make your event worth remembering. So, if you desire to go out of the way to make your D-Day incredible, we believe you should try on these flower bunches. Try it out and let us know how you felt having such lovely, lucky arrangements at your wedding.

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