Every season the fashion industry churns out new dresses for juniors. Because of such change, however, older dresses are frequently being left behind in favor of more trendy designs. Many juniors still prefer to wear dresses that look more grown-up, even if they are wearing jeans and sneakers. This is because the styles are usually less complicated, which allows them to focus more on enhancing their personality instead of trying to follow the latest trends. Here are some of the top trends for kids this fall:

The French Maid Lingerie. Dresses with a halter neckline have been around since the middle of the 18th century, and they have remained popular through the decades. However, dresses that include long sleeves have only recently become fashionable, which means they haven’t had time to catch on among girls. The halter neckline dresses became more popular in the 1970s when they were associated with modern fashion styles. Popular styles of the past include rounded collars with pleated skirts, or a more dramatic geometric pattern. Nowadays, however, they are often combined with turtlenecks for a more relaxed look.

Sheath Dresses. Sheath dresses are similar to a sleeveless maxi dress, except they have a V-neck instead of a full sleeve. The sheath dress is made from a lightweight fabric that drapes down just around the waist, but it has flexible straps that can be pulled up and back to reveal a sleeveless look. Sheath dresses can come with or without sleeves.

Corset Dresses. This dress was originally designed for women who wanted to emphasize the beautiful outline of their bust. These dresses combine a full sleeve with a v-neckline, making it appear as if the dress is pulled up just slightly at the top of the bust. They’re popular not only because of their unique silhouette, but also because of their timeless appeal.

Evening Outfits. These are another common type of dress, although many people mistake them for bridesmaids’ dresses. They’re similar to the maxi gown in their basic design, but instead of being long and flowing, these dresses are usually shorter and more fitted. They’re perfect for evening dinners, beach parties, and other special occasions. You can find many of these in a wide range of colors, patterns, and silhouettes.

Trousers. They’re called pants for a reason, because most people think of them as leggings. They’re a comfortable, convenient alternative to dresses, which makes them appropriate for almost any occasion. The Victorian era introduced a new vocabulary to describe upper-class pants, giving names like cobbler pants, pantalons, and grocery pants. But even within these classifications, there are so many options that you’re sure to find a pair that will work for you!

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