Rhinoplasty also popularly known as nose job is a surgery undergone by patients who want to modify the shape, size, or proportion of the nose. One of the most cosmetic surgeries ever, surgical rhinoplasty demands a lot of time and money. Moreover, the surgical option also takes a toll on your health as it comes with a lot of potentially fatal consequences. 

So, many times people choose the path of rhinoplasty nonsurgical to get their desirable face. This way is also known as liquid rhinoplasty. 


In the nonsurgical procedure, the doctors need to inject liquid filler into the nose to alter the structure. The filler that is injected is hyaluronic acid that contours the nose effectively within just 15 minutes. Many times, Botox is used to reshape your nose under non-surgical rhinoplasty. The non-surgical or liquid rhinoplasty not just saves time, but is also very convenient. Unlike the surgical procedure, one does not need to take a rest after the operation for a long time to recover. The patient can literally join work just after the filler injection process.

Rhinoplasty nonsurgical is for those who aren’t ready for permanent solutions and risks involved. This liquid rhinoplasty procedure will smoothen out all the bumps in the patient’s nose. It also makes the tip of the nose more poignant and adds volume to the nose.


The procedure like any other cosmetic surgery is highly customizable according to the demand of patients. So, accordingly, the number of injections of fillers may vary, and so will the costs involved in the treatment.

As it is cosmetic surgery procedure, the non-surgical rhinoplasty won’t be covered by insurance. Typically, a rhinoplasty surgery will cost between 500 to 1500 dollars, depending upon the geographical place of your surgery.


Though it is far less risky when compared to the surgical option, even the liquid rhinoplasty comes with a lot of difficulties such as:

  • Getting bruised or having redness in the injected region.
  • The patient might experience swelling in the area injected.
  • Fever is a rare but possible issue to be faced by people who have undergone Rhinoplasty non-surgical.
  • Soreness and numbness are some common symptoms to be faced after the injection.
  • If the filler liquid is added even a tad bit extra from what is required in the region, the liquid might affect other areas such as the eyes, causing a blurry vision.
  • Severe risks also include vascular complications, tissue death, and vision loss.

But if you have chosen the right doctor these problems are very unlikely to occur. However, in case the patient faces any complications post-surgery they should immediately contact their healthcare provider.

 One major flaw of the non-surgical way is that it lasts for a range of 5 months to 3 years, depending upon various factors. If one overlooks the temporary state of the treatment, then this cost and time-effective treatment is sure to attract you, especially if you want to get flawless features without having to go under the knife.   

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