Whether you are installing an audio system or would like to upgrade your existing setup, choosing the best soundbar is essential. Though soundbars can amplify and deliver bass, nothing can match the accuracy of a subwoofer. Also known as loudspeakers, these woofers can reproduce low-frequency sounds with 100% accuracy and get you to feel the bass. 

Once you switch from your audio setup to the one with woofers, you will know that there were sounds your conventional system was missing out on. These woofers can deliver sounds as low as 20Hz, while a typical audio system can only do from 50Hz. Moreover, soundbars might huffer or distort at high volumes. But with woofers, you will enjoy zero sound distortion. 

Benefits of Installing Subwoofers

Apart from delivering low-frequency sounds and the bass accurately, there are quite a few reasons why one should get woofers installed. Here are some benefits,

  1. Minimises your Soundsystem space

Huge speakers and multiple soundbars do not get your music/audio quality amplified but only eat up space! However, these woofers are remarkably compact and come in versatile types to meet your space limits. Also, their minimal size does not compromise their amplification quality. Investing in a single woofer can get you the result that traditional and space-consuming speakers fail to do. 

  1. Your home cinema partner

Australian cinema attendance has been around 70%, says a survey from 2019. Lately, people have switched to home theatres and binge-watching. However, not everyone can afford to buy the brand new 5.1 channel home theatre and enjoy the Dolby surround sound system. If you have a 2.1 channel home theatre and whine over the average audio quality, one instant solution is to buy a compatible subwoofer. Further, if you wish to experience a cinematic experience without blowing your budget shopping for a brand new home theatre, woofers are the only alternative. 

  1. Better music and beats

These woofers, which come with in-built and huge drivers, are responsible for reproducing low, mid-range frequencies and bass lines accurately. Also, such frequency response makes woofers produce a balanced sound and keep away hypersensitivity. Be it fine-tuned guitar string sounds or the dashing drum that plays in the background, these woofers can go balanced on both high and low frequencies and volume without missing out on details. 

Installation Tips

Buying a woofer is not the ultimate task when it comes to amplifying audio quality. Factors like placement and connectivity are significant too. Now that the benefits of woofers are clear, here are some installation tips,

  • Placing the woofer:

When buying an external woofer, knowing where to place it is vital as it can affect the output. However, with wired woofers, you will not have many options with placement. On the other hand, wireless woofers can either go on the console or get wall-mounted near your TV or the audio system. If it is for your home cinema room, check if you can place the woofer on any one of the corners for best results.

  • Compatibility:

If you have an existing soundbar and are buying an external woofer, ensure that they are compatible. The soundbar is the receiving system, so a non-compatible woofer will not work. Also, do not forget to check if your soundbar has an input option to get a woofer connected. 

  • Connecting woofer to a soundbar

On buying a compatible subwoofer, you will now have to connect it to the soundbar. If it is a wired connection, ensure that the cord and input wire are present. If wireless, the link can quickly happen via Bluetooth. You can always disconnect your woofer when you do not need it. 

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